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An architect could be a pivotal professional to employ, whether building a new home or remodelling your existing one. Luxury architects Sydney offer many valuable services. They can design your new home according to your specific requirements, and also they can efficiently manage the construction process.

However, how much does it cost to engage such a professional? The fees of their services vary depending on the scope of the work and their going rate for their services in the area. Read on to get a general idea.

How Much Do Luxury Architects Charge?
Luxury architects charge for their services in several different ways. Therefore, their fee method may also be more than one. Following are some terms you may hear when you hire one:

Percentage of Construction Cost
This is the most common way architects charge. Their fee is a percentage of total construction costs. The percentage could range from 6 per cent for basic projects not signed off on by an engineer to 20 per cent for complete luxury design and architectural services on a home. This fee structure is often used for new homes (not remodels), and until the exact construction costs are known, architects may charge a percentage of their best estimate of those costs. Alternatively, they may also use a deposit or retainer to cover the cost of their initial work.

By Phase
There are several phases of architect work, ranging from schematic design to construction services. Some architects use multiple phases as a structuring principle for their billing and assign specific, different rates for each individual phase.

Fixed Fee
The fixed fee is another way these professionals charge for their services. This may apply to a specific aspect of the construction, design, or remodelling project – for example, coming up with ideas but not yet creating any documents related to construction. Or the fixed fee may cover the work of an architect on the project as a whole.

When Do You Pay an Architect?
Architects usually bill for their work monthly after collecting the initial deposit or retainer. However, policies vary as to whether a client who backs away from the project can walk away with any completed drawings. So, be sure to check with the architect about these details.

Can You Afford to Hire a Luxury Architect?
It depends on your budget and the architectural services you need. If you cannot afford complete architectural services, then you should consider hiring one on a limited consultation basis. Some services are offered at an hourly rate, e.g. site analysis of a property you wish to buy, etc. You may wish to hire the services of an architect for an energy consultation, looking at construction details and materials that would give you the best return on investment. You could hire these professionals to act as your project manager and representative during construction.

Some people find luxury architects Sydney relatively expensive, but overall the cost is certainly worth it. It is a valuable investment when building a dream home.

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