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You’ll be ready to jump out of your seat, literally, when you see Sumner Furniture & Design’s incredible new collection of standing desks for the office.

The retailers and fitters are proud to be offering you the newest designs and styles in sit and stand desks, as the body of research regarding their health benefits for office workers continues to grow.

The move coincides with the latest figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which show that a vast majority of employees are required to sit for 91% of the workday. Based upon the standard 8-hour workday, which most people work far in excess of, this would be a staggering 7.2 hours of sitting. Considering that sitting is a large and problematic part of the modern sedentary lifestyle, Sumner Furniture & Design is proud to be offering you a healthier option.

An expansive body of research now links standing desks to improved posture, the maintenance of a healthy weight and decreased odds of developing both Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Moreover, standing at work is shown to minimize stress levels and reduce your employees’ reliance on caffeine by naturally boosting energy levels. Sumner Furniture & Design has an array of sit and stand desks to suit your office needs, style and budget.

Firstly, they can offer their you pneumatic desks which use air-powered cylinders to raise and lower the desk surface. These electricity-free desks are a great option if your company is conscious of their environmental footprint. Another popular option is their durable and robust electric desks, which are advisable if you have a larger office or a hot-desking setup. Sumner Furniture & Design was founded by CEO and Virginia-local Jeff Thorner. They retail both new and used furniture and, thanks to their expert team of interior designers and fitters, can oversee an office remodel or installation from the very first stage of the project to execution.

A spokesperson for the furniture experts said, “Sit and stand desks are a contemporary solution for long days in the office, which is why we are proud to offer one of the largest selections in Sterling and the greater Arlington county.” Your business depends on the well-being, productivity and commitment of your employees. Show your commitment to them by purchasing health-improving sit and stand desks.

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