What to do if your monitor does not turn on or has a black screen?

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What can you do if one day your computer screen does not turn on? We are going to give you 6 things that you can fix yourself, from your company or your home, before calling our computer technician, if you see that the problem has not been resolved.

What to do if your screen goes black?

It can be something very simple that is solved in 2 minutes or something more serious in which you have to open the PC. As in the company there is not usually much time for these things, it is always advisable to call a technician if things do not work. In any case, there are things that you can check yourself without knowing much about computers.

1. Please check the monitor cable. It may seem like bullshit to you, but if you have a desktop computer (not a laptop) it may well happen that the cable does not make good contact and that is why it does not turn on. You must tighten the cables well so that they connect well.

2. Check the power saving settings. Many computers have a measure configured to save energy, which is that when it has been on for a long time, and after the screen saver has been on for a while, the monitor turns off. It has no mystery. The solution is to simply move the mouse to get everything back to normal.

3. If not this, please try the monitor on another computer. It is easy for us to confuse a problem with the motherboard or RAM memory with the screen not working. To make sure, try it on another computer. If the PC starts, but stays in stand-by, without Windows turning on, the problem is with the screen.

4. Boot into safe mode. When we have a problem with our computer, and we cannot access the desktop, we must start the computer in safe mode (safe mode). This can be easily done by turning off the computer and turning it on again, but continuously pressing the F-8 key until a menu appears where you choose “safe mode” or something similar to boot.

5. Update the graphics or video card drivers. If you manage to get in this way, you will see that the desktop does not have its usual appearance. It is using a basic driver to capture the image that will help you troubleshoot. You should search the Internet for video card drivers and install them. You need to know what your video card is (here ‘s how to find out). Since you won’t have a connection, do it from another computer.

6. Problems with RAM memory. If the above does not work, it may be that your RAM memory needs cleaning or the module in which it was inserted is not working. To fix this you will have to open the casing, identify your RAM memory, extract it very carefully so as not to damage the terminals and clean it with an electronic contact cleaning liquid ( here you have several).

There are more reasons why the screen is black or not turning on, but I hope these tips will help you to fix the problems with Broken computer screen repair in UAE. If not, call our computer support to see how we fix it. Have you ever had problems with your screen?