Global Biologics CDMO Market is poised to witness a decent CAGR of 15% to reach $35 billion by 2025

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The growth in biopharmaceutical sales and pipeline and increasing complexity of molecules would drive the outsourcing of biologics development and manufacturing services across the product lifecycle. Moreover, the rising number of molecules (recombinant proteins and antibodies) in the pipeline being developed by small and virtual biotechs (>60%) who lack in-house manufacturing capabilities and expertise to bring their candidates to market would in turn boost the demand for CDMO services.

Huge Potential for Upturn in Outsourcing Ratio

The outsourcing ratio in biologics manufacturing is much less compared to that for small molecules, providing ample opportunity for growth. With the increasingly complex and rapidly evolving biopharma industry, companies are looking for CDMOs who can provide significant regulatory leadership and expertise in all stages from early-stage discovery to commercialization. Moreover, newer technologies like viral vector, mRNA, and cell & gene therapy are where demand exceeds supply, and capabilities may not exist even in large biopharma thereby offering wide scope for outsourcing to CDMOs.

Emerging Market Trend Towards Full-service CDMOs/One-stop-shop Model

Large pharma companies prefer to select a CDMO that also has early-stage development capabilities, as switching costs are significantly higher once cell lines and processes are established. Due to the complexities intrinsic to biologics development, biopharma companies look for a full-service CDMO handling all services, from cell line development through fill-finish and packaging.

CDMOs Embrace Digital Manufacturing

CDMOs are increasingly resorting to data-driven techniques to make manufacturing more efficient.

“In time, all CDMOs are likely to go digital. Customer demand for high-quality products and information will cause data-driven manufacturing to become the norm.” – Lead Scientist, Tier 1 CDMO, USA

Regional Assessment: Global Biologics CDMO Market

North America is the largest biologics CDMO market while APAC is expected to witness the highest CAGR in the next 5 years, hinged on China. To leverage growth opportunities in APAC, in April 2021, Lonza extended its partnership with Chinese firm Junshi Biosciences to advance and manufacture biologics at its site in Guangzhou, China.

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Biologics CDMO Market

The global biologics CDMO market is characterized by a high degree of fragmentation. Some of the top companies operating in this market include Lonza, Catalent, Samsung Biologics, Fujifilm, Wuxi Biologics, and Boehringer Ingelheim. While some of the other promising players are Halix, Cobra Biologics, ABL, Biovian, SK Bioscience, IDT, AGC Biologics, Patheon, Abbvie, Novasep, and Emergent Biosolutions.

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