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Lennie Soo
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Are you struggling with your mental health? Change your subconscious negative thinking patterns and unhealthy behaviours with expert hypnotherapy from 360 Wellness Hub!

Kuala Lumpur, MY-based 360 Wellness Hub provides expertise in targeting both the conscious and subconscious mind to tackle deep-seated dysfunctional beliefs about yourself and the wider world. The centre offers empathic hypnotherapy to rebalance your inner emotions.

You can get treatment if you’re suffering from a range of mental health issues including phobias, depression, sleep disorders, grief, smoking cessation, and irritable bowel syndrome among many others. 360 Wellness Hub’s team of highly-skilled and accredited practitioners ensures that you receive the highest standards of clinical care and complete confidentiality throughout your treatment.

According to VeryWellMind, hypnosis for therapeutic purposes began as far back as the 17th century but it is only in the last quarter of a century that the modality has gained scientific credibility. Hypnotherapy induces patients into a trance-like state, facilitating a greater emotional awareness of unhealthy thinking patterns, irrational fears, and negative assumptions about themselves, others, and the world at large.360 Wellness Hub’s hypnotherapy services entail both suggestion and analysis aspects. Suggestion therapy helps change your perception of sensations and address unhealthy behavioural patterns. Analysis can uncover the root causes of your emotional dysfunction, including traumatic past events. These traumas can then be treated via psychotherapeutic methods.

All sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis with treatment normally completed after no more than six appointments. 360 Wellness Hub offers you a detailed initial consultation to ascertain your goals. Your autonomy is preserved throughout treatment and you’re able to bring yourself out of a hypnotic state at any point.

About 360 Wellness HubThe company, led by founder and neuro-counselling psychologist Dr Lennie Soo, is one of Malaysia’s most comprehensively-equipped psychotherapy centres with both indoor and outdoor facilities.

A spokesperson says, “Your mind is limited only by your thoughts. Work with us to change your thoughts. 360 Wellness Hub started with a vision to create a therapeutic space for therapists to work and for patients to heal within a non-judgmental, non-critical, calm, and safe environment.”360 Wellness Hub continues to set the standard for hypnotherapeutic treatment in Kuala Lumpur.

Get happy with hypnotherapy this year. Don’t let your problems lead to psychosis, get the old you back with expert hypnosis.

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