Environics Proudly Presents Anti-Radiation Chip with Proven Health Benefits

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Undoubtedly technology has empowered us in diverse ways but we are also paying immensely for our excessive dependence on these devices. We are continuously surrounded by devices like mobile phones, routers, smart television, router, and IoT devices that emit harmful electromagnetic radiation. Our daily exposure to radiation is unprecedented and to keep a check on this Environics introduced an amazing anti-radiation chip that is quite effective in saving us from the adverse effects of radiation. Syenergy Environics Ltd., based in Gurugram, Haryana, has committed itself to create healthier spaces for people to live and work.

Since its inception in 2007, Environics is working in the radiation protection field and has launched a highly effective anti-radiation chip to enhance the health and wellness of the people. The company is consistently making effort to come out with indigenous technologies to reduce the harmful effects of geopathic stress along with electromagnetic radiation without stopping or deflecting the radiation. The company is committed to bring innovative products and services that ensure healthier homes and productive workspaces.

The company doesn’t compromise on the quality of its anti-radiation chip that has been made to protect people from life-threatening radiation effects. Envirochip or the anti-radiation chips offered by the company have been clinically tested by national and international labs and tech institutes like AIIMS and Max Healthcare in India and MIT in the U.S. Made after extensive research, Envirochip for mobiles and laptops have been in demand worldwide for its utility and effectiveness. The company is committed to create safer and healthier spaces for people.

The anti-radiation chips are made with clinically tested and certified radiation protection technology that protects people from the ill effects of e-radiation. Envirochip can be used in mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, tablets, laptops, desktops, smart TVs, as well as baby monitors. These chips have become the must-have accessories to reduce the impact of radiation in people’s lives. Thus to prevent health issues like sleep deprivation, lower and weak immunity, and heart risk, people should start making use of the anti-radiation chips that ensure complete protection to them from the adverse effects of radiation.

About the Company – Syenergy Environics Ltd. is an environmental services company based in Gurugram, Haryana. Incepted in the year 2007, the company offers products and services to protect individuals and companies from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Indian Oil, Yes Bank, Hero, and The Indian Express are some of the prominent companies that are using anti-radiation chips offered by the company.

To know more about Envirochip or anti-radiation chip. Visit https://environics.co.in/