Lark at Randall Offers Pet-Friendly Student Apartments

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Madison, Wisconsin, April 1, 2022: Lark at Randall is pleased to announce they offer pet-friendly student apartments for students attending the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The comfortable living spaces ensure students can live the independent lifestyle they want while remaining close to the campus for classes and activities.

At Lark at Randall, students can choose to live with their friends or get matched with fellow students through the roommate matching process. The apartment complex offers studio and one-bedroom apartments for students who wish to live alone, along with two and four-bedroom apartments to share with other students. Each student is responsible for a set monthly rental rate that includes furnishings, in-unit laundry, Internet access, and water and sewer. Garage parking is available for an additional monthly fee.

Lark at Randall makes student living as enjoyable and comfortable as possible with various amenities available within the community. Students can take advantage of the 24-hour fitness center, coffee bar, 24-hour club room, study room, and more. The complex hosts social events throughout the year for residents and their friends. With pet-friendly apartments offered, students are welcome to bring their furry friends along.

Anyone interested in learning about the pet-friendly student apartments for University of Wisconsin students can find out more by visiting the Lark at Randall website or by calling 1-608-531-8000.

About Lark at Randall: Lark at Randall is an off-campus apartment complex serving students attending nearby the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The off-campus apartments offer all the features and amenities students need to live a comfortable, independent lifestyle while remaining close to campus. Each student signs an independent contractor to ensure they don’t experience issues due to a roommate who is unable to pay their fair share.

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