Russian auto retail supports the development of pet-friendly culture

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These are always happy to welcome visitors with animals, be it a dog, cat, mini pig, raccoon, meerkat or anyone else. We remind you that the term “Pet-friendly” is primarily understood as the ability to take pets with you to those places and establishments where visitors with animals were not allowed before.

The pet-friendly culture has received a significant boost in Russia in recent years. The number of pets among Russians has increased by almost a third in a few years. According to statistics, every second inhabitant of Russia over the age of 14 has a cat or a dog. The emotional bond between animals and their owners has intensified during the 2020 lockdown. Now many people do not want to leave their pets at home and prefer to take these with them. This contributes to the active development of the pet-friendly culture in the last two years.

The need to visit various establishments with animals is gaining strength. Now about 700 areas for walking pets and more than 1600 establishments that will welcome dogs, cats and other animals there are in Moscow. A few years ago, this was possible only in Europe. Today this format is a familiar Moscow reality.

Auto retail does not lag behind modern trends. All dealerships of AVTODOM Group of Companies are always happy to welcome visitors with four-legged pets and offer them a bowl of water or a special treat.

“Pet-friendly is not just a fashion statement for us. This is, first, a responsibility to animals and their owners. We treat four-legged guests with special attention. Special programs for visitors and their animals are currently running in some of our dealerships. It is pleasant to note that the owners have become more responsible towards their four-legged friends. Usually the animals that we see in our showrooms are well bred, behave perfectly, look great, are not afraid of anything and are very friendly. Seeing such a cutie, it is simply impossible not to treat it with a special delicacy», – Anna Utkina, Communications Director of AVTODOM Group, commented.