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InfosecTrain which is an advanced IT security training provider is hosting a live webinar entitled ‘CyberArk Basic to Advanced’. CyberArk solution is primarily password management and a security tool for privileged accounts in the system.

It automatically maintains passwords for sensitive accounts within businesses, thereby protecting them. You may retain and keep data by rotating the credentials of all critical accounts using the CyberArk tool, ensuring that you are adequately protected against malware and hacking threats.

CyberArk is used in areas such as energy, healthcare, financial services, and retail, among others because it is a highly protective instrument. CyberArk is so important that it is used by roughly half of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

The CyberArk Partner Certification Program aims to provide up-to-date and useful training to our global partners.

20th May 2022 8.00 -9.00 PM (IST)

Why attend:
Those who want to be recognized for their technical skills can choose from several alternatives in the CyberArk Certification Program.

Infosec Train hosts and proctors the CyberArk Certification Program, which offers multi-level industry certifications addressing privileged account security.

CyberArk offers certificates for a variety of positions and levels of experience, with each one offering even more complicated material and tests. You can work your way up to the level that best matches your responsibilities and professional goals.

The skills and knowledge required to build, implement, and configure the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution are developed through the CyberArk Masterclass and training. Through real-world scenarios, our participants will gain hands-on experience installing CyberArk infrastructure, configuring authentication types, and more. This course covers password management, PSM, and software fundamentals like backup and troubleshooting in great detail.

The Cyberark course program includes all of the key elements needed to improve your understanding of privileged account security implementation. Password management, PAS architecture, and software fundamentals like monitoring and troubleshooting are also covered. This course structure will serve as a great starting point for your CyberArk career.

Our CyberArk Training course strives to provide high-quality guidance that includes excellent underlying knowledge of essential ideas as well as a hands-on approach. Learners will be able to scale up their skills and undertake real-time projects using best practices after being exposed to current industrial use cases and scenarios.

Agenda for the webinar
● Introduction
● What is PAM?
● CyberArk Basics
● Introduction to Infosectrain CyberArk course
● Q&A

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About Infosec Train
Infosec Train is a pioneer IT security training provider, offering comprehensive training programs for globally recognized certifications in the information security domain. It is a trusted authorized partner of EC-Council, Microsoft, CompTIA, PECB, and ISACA. It offers training programs for globally reputed certifications in the information security domain, including CISSP, CCSP, CEH, CCISO, and CompTIA Security+. Infosec Train’s team of certified and highly skilled trainers is committed to equipping professionals with the most in-demand skills required to stay ahead in the ever-changing job market.

They can also provide full-fledged preparation materials for various security exams. So, Infosec Train is better for Offensive Security Certification. They not only provide certifications in cybersecurity but also provide cloud certifications by skilled and expert professionals with full-fledged preparation material.

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