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When most people think of car removal services, the first thing that comes to mind is getting cash for their old and decrepit vehicle. While this is a common service offered by car removal companies, there are others that are just as important, and just as beneficial to the customer.

At Scrap Cars, we offer more than just cash for cars. In addition to providing cash offers, we also offer free towing and recycling services for all of the junk and scrap cars that we remove. This means that you can get rid of your old car without having to worry about getting it towed or dealing with any recycling fees.

Services On Offer

Junk Car Removal:

If you have an old car that you want to get rid of, then Scrap Cars can help. It offers junk car removal services for all makes and models of cars. The contractors at Scrap Cars will come to your location and tow away your junk car for free.

Scrap Car Removal:

If your car is beyond repair, Scrap Cars can help you recycle it. The company offers scrap car removal services for all makes and models of cars. It will tow your car for fee.

Cash for Cars:

Scrap Cars offers cash for cars of all makes and models. The vendor is a leading destination for cash for cars services in Surrey.

Free Towing and Recycling:

The towing company offers free towing and recycling services for all of the junk and scrap cars. Conveniently enough, you can get rid of your old car without having to worry about getting it towed anywhere else.

Why Should You Choose Scrap Cars?

There are many reasons why people might want to consider selling their old car. Maybe it’s no longer running, or it’s taking up valuable parking space. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of options when it comes to selling a car, but not all of them will net you the most cash.

Eco-Friendly Services

When you choose to work with a car removal service like Scrap Cars, you can be sure that you’re doing your part to help the environment. These services are dedicated to recycling as much of the car as possible, so you know that your old vehicle isn’t just going to end up taking up space in a landfill.

Fair Cash Offer

Another big benefit of choosing a reputable car removal service is that you can be sure of getting a fair cash offer for your vehicle. Scrap Cars understands that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we offer a variety of payment options to our customers.

Convenient Services

Scrap Car know that not everyone has the time to wait around for a buyer to show up. That’s why we offer convenient services that allow you to sell your car on your own schedule. The contractors will come to you and pick up the vehicle, so you can get cash in hand as quickly as possible.

Prompt Response and Service

Scrap Cars also pride themselves on their prompt response and service. The company understands that when you’re ready to sell your car, you want to be able to do so as quickly as possible. That’s why we work hard to get you an offer within 24 hours of your initial contact.

Free Towing and Transportation

One of the best things about working with a car removal service like Scrap Cars is that the company offers free towing and transportation. Scrap Cars understand that not everyone has the means to transport a car on their own, so it takes care of everything for you.

On-Time Service

Scrap Car knows that time is of the essence, which is why it works hard to ensure that their services are as efficient as possible. The vendor understands that you have other things to do with your time, and it doesn’t want you to have to wait around for us. That’s why the company always arrives on time and takes care of everything quickly and efficiently.

Trusted Team

When you work with us, you can be sure that you’re working with a trusted team of professionals. The towing professionals have years of experience in the industry, and they know what it takes to get the job done right. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re making the best decision for your needs.

About Scrap Cars

Scrap Cars is a reliable and trustworthy car removal service in Surrey that provides a wide range of services, including cash for junk cars, scrap car removal, car recycling, towing, etc.  The towing company has been helping customers get rid of their unwanted cars for over 15 years, and can do the same for you.