Live Bootcamp on MITRE For Red Teaming with Ashish Dhyani

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InfosecTrain which is an advanced IT security training provider is hosting a live webinar entitled ‘MITRE for Red Teaming’.

Red Teams are a theatrical threat actor group whose actions are contained inside a single exercise and operation. They are only recruited when companies are willing to examine their systems or networks for weaknesses. The Red Team’s main aim is to advise Blue Team members on how to protect data, networks, and systems against malicious activities.

This bootcamp from InfosecTrain will provide you with the greatest grasp on what Red Team is, the Red team Kill Chain and understanding and playing with MITRE Att&CK Framework. It will also take you through Initial Access & Delivery, Weaponization, Command & Control, Credentials Dumping, Lateral Movement, Establishing Persistence, and Data Exfiltration.

13 APRIL 2022 8.00 -10.00 PM (IST)

Why Attend?
Any organization’s systems contain sensitive information, and hackers are attempting to steal it. Because of the surge in cyber-threats, businesses are eager to analyse their systems for vulnerabilities even before a hacker discovers them, so they can patch them and safeguard their systems, networks, and sensitive data.
To check for vulnerabilities, corporations must think like hackers, which they do by hiring a crew of ethical hackers known as the “red team.” These red teams will keep up to speed on new hacking tactics and technologies in order to imitate new-age hackers and apply their plans to ethically exploit the organization’s weaknesses.
This bootcamp will be a fantastic opportunity for anybody interested in pursuing a career in Red Teaming. The session will be given by a highly qualified trainer with extensive industry knowledge. Participants can connect with the trainer and get answers to their questions on how to get started in the rewarding profession of Red Team.

Agenda for the Bootcamp
• What is Red Team?
• Red team Kill Chain
– Initial Access & Delivery
– Weaponization
– Command & Control
– Credentials Dumping
– Lateral Movement
– Establishing Persistence
– Data Exfiltration
• MITRE Att&CK Framework
• Playing with MITRE Att&CK framework

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