These NYC Pediatricians Deliver Personalized Care From Newborns to Adolescents

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You can sometimes tell a lot about your doctor just from their profile. This new practice’s pediatricians seem to be saying, “Don’t you wish you had me as a doctor when you were growing up?”

Juno Pediatrics ( is a modern pediatrics office that provides comprehensive, personalized medical care and focuses on your child’s physical, emotional and developmental health. It’s important for parents to bring their newborns, infants, and toddlers to see the pediatrician for wellness visits to receive essential preventive care and to ensure they are reaching developmental milestones. New parents will also seek guidance on common concerns such as breastfeeding, how to handle teething, and how to recognize any difficulties or developmental warning signals.

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Juno Pediatrics is led by Dr. Danis Copenhaver. Dr. Copenhaver believes it’s important to establish trust by really listening to parents, communicating in an open and honest way, demonstrating real caring for your child, and providing the highest quality pediatric care to her patients. One patient noted: “Dr. Copenhaver has been an invaluable resource throughout our 5 year old’s life. She conveys her expertise in a way that is relatable and warm which has been such a comfort as first-time parents. We could not recommend her more.”

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Subsequent well-baby checkups during the next twelve months will measure your baby’s physical and emotional growth and Dr. Copenhaver and her colleague Dr. Chris Yun will guide you through their child’s development. At the beginning of every check-up, the baby’s length (or height), weight, blood pressure, and other vital signs measurements will be taken and documented. Juno’s pediatricians will also perform a full physical examination and complete all other recommended screenings. Dr. Yun also believes it’s particularly important for parents to have ample opportunity to discuss their baby’s progress and any questions or concerns.

This practice also provides convenient after-hours access for sick-child consultations and pediatric urgent care services. Additionally, both Dr. Copenhaver and Dr. Yun can advise you and your family on growth and nutrition practices, and treat a range of conditions, including cold & flu, minor injuries, and ADHD.

One patient remarked: “This is a stunningly beautiful new office, with an amazing team and a wonderful doctor. I’m excited to bring my son to Dr. Yun and Juno, for many years to come. You’ve never seen a doctor’s office that looks like this!!!”What exactly do you want from your new pediatrician? Short wait times – check. A kind and gentle staff – check. Experts in their field – check. Oh, and a lovely office!

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Juno Pediatrics serves the New York City neighborhoods of Harlem, Morningside Heights, Manhattanville, Washington Heights, Hamilton Heights, Mott Haven, South Bronx, Downtown Brooklyn, Fort Greene, and Prospect Heights.

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