Iffalcon Will Perform Impressively Even in 2022

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Over the years, Iffalcon by TCL has managed to impress Indian consumers with its product quality. Thanks to the innovations the company incorporates into its products at regular intervals, the popularity of Iffalcon is growing significantly with every passing day. According to experts, the company will continue to grow rapidly even in 2022. The section below highlights the products that will grab maximum attention this year. 

Android 11 Powered Smart TV

The previous years have seen the company rule the Indian television market with Iffalcon QLED TV sets. The final quarter of 2021 saw Iffalcon launch an Android-powered UHD Smart TV. The product has been named K72 Smart TV. Experts, as well as the company, believe that this new TV set will play a big role in increasing Iffalcon’s sales in India even further. 
The biggest highlight of the TV set is its front camera. You can use the camera for making video calls using the Google Duo application. The other notable features of the TV include HDMI ports and Dolby ATMOS support. 

This 55-inch television set is reasonably priced despite having such advanced features. Buyers, who are wondering about the Iffalcon TV price, will be happy to know that the starting price of this Android Tv is just Rs 51,999. Similar products from other top brands are much more expensive. 

The K72 runs on Android 11. India currently has only a handful of TV sets running on this latest version of the Android operating system. This will automatically keep the demand for the product high in the Indian market. 

The product is particularly popular among gamers thanks to the game-friendly feature it comes packed with. For allowing users to enjoy blur-free and lag-free gaming, the manufacturer has equipped the K72 with MEMC or Motion Estimation & Motion Compensation. The K72 also features IoT support. So, you can use the TV to control all the smart appliances and devices you have in your home. 

Front Load Washing Machine 

People in India have also become fans of the 8 Kg front load Iffalcon washing machine. It’s a fully automatic washing machine and has all the features you may need for getting perfect results after every wash cycle. It comes with an inbuilt heater, which will allow you to wash your clothes in warm water (of up to 95 degrees). This feature of the unit helps in killing germs and bacteria present in the clothes without any extra effort. Other than that, the hot water wash technology of this front load washing machine also provides the clothes with a fresh look and eliminates bad odour from them. 

The next most striking feature of the product is auto drum clean. Thanks to this feature you’ll not need to put in too much effort for keeping the washing machine clean. By selecting the auto drum clean option, you can get it cleaned without any manual effort. What’s more, the cleaning process doesn’t involve the use of any harsh chemicals. This feature ensures that you get notified whenever the Iffalcon washing machine requires cleaning. 

One of the biggest reasons why many still stay away from washing machines is the fear of damaging expensive clothing. With this unit, you can rest assured. This Iffalcon product comes equipped with a specially designed washing drum. The company has named it Honeycomb Crystal Drum. It not only washes clothes efficiently but also treats them with extreme care. The diamond-shaped, smooth ridges of the drum will be exceptionally gentle even on clothing made of delicate fabrics. 

Another big plus of the product is its ability to diagnose errors automatically. If there’s an issue with the washing cycle, the machine will promptly diagnose it and notify you. You’ll know about the issues from the unit’s digital display. 

People in India love the product also because of its remarkable energy efficiency. The washing machine has an ERP A+++ rating, which means it saves both water and energy. 


Other than the above products, Iffalcon air conditioners will also bring in significant sales this year. Every Iffalcon inverter AC model launched to date are energy efficient and capable of offering seamless and flawless cooling. Additionally, like all other products launched by the company, these units are priced pretty reasonably.