Global Drug Screening Market valued at $4.8 Billion (2020), is growing at a healthy CAGR of 15.8%

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Drug screening is majorly used at workplaces for testing employees, in the criminal justice system, pain management clinics, Federal drug testing programs and in hospitals.

COVID-19 pandemic led to increase in drug abuse

The COVID-19 crisis pushed more than 100 million people into unemployment. Mental health issues are also on the rise worldwide. This has led to potential increase in drug abuse. In parallel, drug traffickers have quickly recovered from initial setbacks caused by lockdown restrictions, driven in part by a rise in the use of technology (drug traffickers using online platforms etc.) and cryptocurrency payments that are operating outside the regular financial system. These factors are likely to increase demand for drug screening products/services.

“The pandemic fueled discussions about substance use disorders (SUDs), as drug and alcohol use along with the associated deaths from their overdoses increased. Confusion, loneliness, and unemployment caused more people to either start/increase drugs and alcohol consumption, when many treatment centers and support groups were unavailable during the pandemic” – CEO, Leading Drug and Alcohol Screening Laboratory

USA witnessed 30% increase in deaths related to drug overdose in 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States witnessed a worse substance abuse crisis. More than one in ten adults started/increased the use of alcohol or drugs during pandemic. This resulted an increase in drug overdose-related deaths. According to CDC statistics, deaths due to drug overdose (primarily driven by opioids) recorded 30% increase in 2020 and reached over 93,000 from about 72,000 deaths in 2019. This has greatly increased demand for drug screening in the U.S. The Drug screening market growth is driven by growing drug use after COVID-19 pandemic and increase in abuse of illicit drugs such as cannabis.

Geographic Overview: Drug Screening Market

Comprehensive regional assessment of the global drug screening market suggests that U.S. is currently the largest market for drug screening. The major reason being – drug screening is mandatory/legal for all private or public employees in the U.S. The employers are allowed to perform random tests for their existing employees as well as pre-employment test in case of hiring new employees. On the other hand, pre-employment or random screening is banned in many European countries. The unfavorable regulations have been the major obstacle for growth in the European drug screening market.

The key players operating in the global drug screening market are Quest Diagnostics, Abbott, LabCorp, Clinical Reference Laboratory, Inc., Orasure Technologies, Quidel, Thermo Fisher, DrugScan, Inc., Lion Laboratories, Drägerwerk, and Intoximeters.

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