Elision Launched AI Powered Voice Analysis for a Call Center Solution

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At this event, the spokesperson of Elision announced that the company has launched its first AI (Artificial Intelligence) add-on for call center solutions users. This add-on is built to automate one of the most important aspects of call centers, which is monitoring QOC (Quality of Calls) and QOS (Quality of Services).

As per the shared details, this AI voice analysis tool is built by leveraging the advantages of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), text to speech converter (TTS), and natural language processing (NLP) engines.

The spokesperson of the company announced the list of features available in this AI voice analysis tool for call centers, which are as below:
• Voice analysis
• Emotion and sentiment analysis of customer and agent
• Graph of emotions and voice analysis
• Inspect the current opening of the call
• Inspect usage of positive words
• Silence detection
• Overtalk detection
• Call scoring
• Agent scoreboard
• Individual and overall call quality analysis
• And more

“More than 90% of call centers emphasize the quality of calls and quality of services they offer to customers. Knowing the sentiments of customers at different timestamps of calls and making the strategy to handle the negative emotions of customers can help call centers satisfy more clients and improve customer experience. This tool also helps in increasing sales if you are running a cold calling, lead generation, or sales campaign because you know what your prospects feel and how you can onboard the customer based on his/ her emotions while speaking to your agent”, shared the spokesperson of the company

He further added, “This AI voice analysis tool for call centers is not only useful in enhancing customer experience, but it is also useful in boosting agent productivity. It can detect and highlight whether agents are using the correct opening and closing of the call. It can even detect how your agents are behaving with clients. All this data can help in planning training programs or giving one to one coaching, so agents can perform better and more productively.”
As per the shared details, this AI voice analysis tool can be integrated into the call center solution. It will show all analysis data and graphs within the call center software, which makes it an integral part of your call center solution.

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