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Contractors generally compete with politicians in popularity contests. Which is why your best bet is to go local, with a firm that has proven itself time and again to have your best interests at heart – because they know that’s in their interests too!

Colony Roofers doesn’t want one-off customers. They are part of the community. The shingle roof contractor, which is ranked as Atlanta’s best by expertise.com, now offers a complete range of residential and commercial roofing solutions including asphalt shingle roof repair and replacement.

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A locally-owned and operated company, Colony Roofers has both 3-tab and architectural shingles for properties that have either lost shingles due to storm damage or whose singles have been through excessive wear and tear with the passage of time. The global asphalt shingles market is estimated to be approaching $7 billion, but the U.S. is the worldwide leader: over 7 in 10 American home roofs are protected by them. While metal roofing is on the rise – especially for commercial properties – the asphalt shingles market continues to grow. One reason for the product’s market sustainability is its cost-effectiveness: asphalt shingles are both lightweight and relatively easy to replace. Homeowners also favor their aesthetic appeal, a significant factor as there is expected to be a continuing rise in residential renovation projects, particularly as more of the labor force shifts to remote work.

The company offers durable asphalt shingles that can last from 35-50 years, typically composed of a base layer of either fiberglass or felt paper, covered with a waterproof coat and ceramic granules. Both types are popular and come in a range of colors, allowing you to customize as you see fit. The three-tab shingle is more simple in appearance, whereas the architectural shingle has more curb appeal if you want people to say, “Hey, snazzy roof you’ve got there!”

Colony Roofers provides you with a free 30-minute inspection right off the bat, so that you can get a sense of your options. Additional commercial services offered by the company include foam, metal, and elastomeric roofing. All services, backed by well-trained and handpicked technicians, are designed to provide maximum roof protection and property value. Colony Roofers, which prides itself on attentive and responsive customer service, offers superior craftsmanship and long-term product warranties. One recent customer remarked: “We contacted Colony Roofers to install a new roof for our house. The team shared different roofing materials with us, explaining the pros and cons of every option. Taking in their expert advice, we decided on getting an asphalt roof. We are pleased to see the team use only the best quality material. We have recommended this outstanding roofing company to everyone that has asked us.”

As you know, spring is here – and that brings more tornado threats, more thunderstorms, and potentially, more roof damage.

Go to https://colonyroofers.com/residential-roofing/asphalt-shingle-roof and make sure your home is protected in good times and bad – by the company that stays on top of things until you finally shout: “Hey! Get off my roof!”