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There’s nothing worse than knowing you’ve closed a sale, and a client is just about to give you their money – only to run into issues accepting payment. Payment Page wants to make it so you never face that problem again, and they can help you to accept just about any kind of payment on your WordPress website, from anywhere in the world.

With their newest payment platform improvements, you can now accept most major forms of payment in seconds, with a highly customizable interface. The plugin can also create a mobile-friendly payment page that requires no coding or previous experience.

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SMEs using WordPress have often struggled with accepting payments from customers, with few options available and most of them limited. New features available from the Payment Page plugin allow you to accept debit, credit, PayPal, and more. Using PayPal integration, you can link your PayPal accounts to your sales websites through a 1-click process, which makes it simple to transfer incoming payments to your account. In the near future, the Payment Page team is also planning to add a “pay later” feature, Venmo, and alternative payment methods based on a customer’s country.

By partnering with Stripe, the service allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as many popular digital payment methods, all from your WordPress website. This includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Wallet, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and SEPA direct debit.

To see the full list of accepted payment methods, please visit their website.

With WordPress being home to such a wide variety of styles and themes, the company has created 11 new templates to suit the style of your payment pages and a range of customization options so each page can be unique. The form-builder uses a drag-and-drop format that makes it simple to rearrange into any style to match your website.

While the installation of Payment Pages is simple and requires no coding skills, the team has also provided detailed documentation and several how-to video tutorials. Many of the new templates are designed specifically to match popular business types while requiring minimal customization. The themes include coaching services, yoga teachers, flower shops, and more.

A satisfied client said, “They offer a lot of custom futures, different types of payment gateway integrations, and it’s so easy to install it and set it up in less than 10 minutes.” Don’t miss out on sales because your clients are trying to pay with a format that you can’t accept – get the plugin that works with almost any major payment method, anywhere in the world.

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