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FinTech is one of the fastest growing sectors that adopts new innovations and technologies to serve the global people in a better way. Recently , developing a mobile application for the FinTech industry is becoming a trend in the digital globe.
The Finance Industry adopts various technologies to serve the people of the digital globe in the best way. The term Fintech is a new term defined for the combination of finance & technologies to build a platform that transfers money to budget apps. FinTech, the fastest-growing technology offers ultra-security & convenience in all financial activities.

The revenue of Fintech in 2018 recorded 92B Euros worldwide. It is expected to reach 188B Euros by 2024 which is a 12% average growth.
67% of Banks believe Fintech will be significant for money transfer.
Stats says that digital banking is the reason for 4.6M new accounts in 2021.
By the end of 2022, 65% of Americans will use mobile banking
In the USA, 38% of Fintechs grant personal finance loans

FinTech app refers to an application created to deal with the overall financial operations of the organisation.People believe that building a FinTech app can optimize their financial activities and result in high ROI.

There are many companies which provide the best Fintech app development solutions.
We Bitdeal is a leading FinTech Solutions Provider who offers Fintech App Development for various business verticals.

Some of the FinTech App Development includes

Payment Mobile App Development
Insurance Mobile App Development
Investment Mobile App Development
Banking Mobile App Development
Lending App Development
Consumer Finance App Development and more.

Technology Stacks We Use

For the development of fintech apps with high-quality functionality, we use the following technology stacks.

Objective C
Android SDK
Reactive Native
Node.js and more.

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