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Cell phone without sound is a constant complaint among mobile phone supporters. After some time of use, smartphones may have audio system failures. There are ways to find the problem and, if it’s something simple, solve it with some basic adjustments made by the user, as you can see in the following lines.

The procedures described are indications of different manufacturers, but can be performed on most smartphones, whether with Android or iPhone (iOS). If it still doesn’t solve it, it’s best to consult the technical assistance so that the complete diagnosis is made accurately.

Adjust the multimedia volume

Motorola points out that its devices have three types of volume: calls, multimedia and ringer, all of which are independent. Devices from different manufacturers also have this setting, so there is a possibility that the multimedia volume is muted. To solve this problem, it is necessary to open the music file or application whose audio will be played, and only then increase the volume. In this way, the device identifies which audio is currently playing.

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Checking the app for a problem

Apps like YouTube and Spotify can give an error during sound transmission, so you need to check their operation. An alternative is to delete and reinstall the application, as some errors are common and can be resolved with this simple operation.

If the application is an audio or video player, you can try to run another program with the same functionality, to see if there is a problem with the file in question.

Turn off Bluetooth

If there are any sound devices with a Bluetooth connection nearby, such as speakers or headphones, your smartphone may be connected to them and playing all multimedia content. For this, it is necessary to turn off the cell phone function, thus avoiding unwanted connections.

Check audio output

In some cases, the speakers may be dirty or an object may be interfering with the sound output. Therefore, check these outlets and, if necessary, clean them with a small, soft brush or other object that will not damage the device. A poorly positioned cap can also interfere with the transmission.

Unmute from silent mode

Some applications do not play sound when the phone is in silent mode, so it is valid to activate the device’s sounds and check if, in this way, the audios can be resumed. In some cases, just increasing or decreasing the volume, when the device is in silent mode, already solves the problem.

Disable the option to turn off all sounds

On some Samsung smartphones there is an accessibility setting in which all device sounds are turned off. To disable it, simply enter the “Settings” menu, access the “Accessibility” tab and tap “Hearing”. The option to turn off sounds will be in this tab, if it is activated, just click on the button.

The company points out that the availability of this function may vary depending on the device system. On the Galaxy J5 Prime, for example, it appears described as “Mute all sounds”.

Check the headphone jack
There is a possibility that the cell phone has a malfunction in the headphone jack. According to LG, if this is the problem, insert and remove a headphone jack and see if the headphone symbol disappears from the device’s screen. Another option is to clean this input, as some impurities can cause the device to identify them as a headphone connection. To do this, use a small, soft brush or other object suitable for cleaning.

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In these times, the good old trick of turning off and on again is valid. The option can resolve any momentary system failure or error.

Remembering that, if none of these tips solve the problem, the ideal is to seek technical assistance specialized in the device so that the defect is identified and solved.