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When it comes to securing your dream job, there’s only one chance to make a good first impression. So why not do everything you can to ensure your resume stands out? This Richmond Hill security recruiter has you covered!

Recrewmint is a recruiting and sourcing specialist that helps businesses to connect with the right candidates to fill their vacancies. If you are on the lookout for a new job, the agency recommends you heed the guide released by Google technical recruiters and take into account the key factors that can make your resume stand out!

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The company uses multichannel sourcing methods in order to connect clients with the right candidate and is able to secure hard-to-find specialists. With years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, the agency has an in-depth understanding of what makes an effective resume. They advise you to learn from the Google tips video so that you have the best updated resume on hand. The video begins with basic advice, including formatting as a PDF and including contact information at the top. Other advice includes focusing on what’s relevant to the job in question.

It then discusses the X, Y, Z method that Technical Recruiters at Google recommend as a way to showcase your skills and accomplishments with more impact in the job description sections of your resume. This means stating accomplishments (X), which are measured by (Y), having done (Z).Using an X, Y, Z approach ensures that key points are made concisely. With this strategy, you can convey a clear impact in past roles in one or three sentences, shortening the quality of a resume by more than 30%.Recrewmint aims to be the most reliable recruitment firm available to cybersecurity specialists around the world. The team fills vacancies in application security, software security, product security, internet security, and web application security. They have noticed in their recruiting efforts that 80% of new hires have had a good looking resume.

The company uses multichannel sourcing methods in order to connect clients with the right candidate and is able to secure hard-to-find specialists by coaching candidates through client interview processes. Businesses can get in touch to streamline their hiring process, and are assured of receiving five quality candidates within 10-12 days.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “We exclusively help clients recruit full-time positions in cybersecurity. We spend 20 minutes or more screening interested candidates to determine fit to client.” Do you want to make your resume look good? Check out Google’s video or talk to Recrewmint today!
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