Cat on Blockchain: the NFT project on blockchain that comes from the year 2048.

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Cat on Blockchain Diamond is the new NFT project that comes from the Future (directly from the year 2048). It has been started some days ago and it probably will become the new trend for similar projects on the blockchain.

Cat on Blockchain is a NFT collection of 66/66 Very Rare items, where everyone can get and adopt one or more Unique Cats written on the Solana blockchain (where they will live forever).

After an initial collection of 33 Cats, a second collection named “Cat on Blockchain Diamond Army” has been published (on MagicEden, the biggest market of NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain).

But, first, the Story:
“On June 23, 2048, Cats have conquered the World. This is the special Diamond Army used by lovely Cats during the “Blockchain War”. As you know, for many centuries Cats had planned the invasion of the Earth, because Humans (driven by feelings such as selfishness, wickedness, a thirst for power, and a desire for money) didn’t realize they were destroying themselves and the entire planet. For this reason, the adorable Cats decided to take control, using their great weapon of tenderness and love. So, they started the great invasion, called the “Blockchain War”, a war fought without weapons, using a technology already invented by men: the blockchain. Now the cats are here, they have the control of the Earth and they take care of the humans, with whom they live together in peace and harmony…”

What to say?
1. Very fascinating the story of an imaginary Blockchain War, where Cats take the control of the Earth.
2. Also, really nice is the implied message that other animal species (Cats) rebel against the fact that the human race is destroying the Planet.
3. Finally, one of the most interesting things is that Cats used the same blockchain technology to take control of the Planet, and that now Cats and Humans are living together in peace and harmony.

All the awesome Cats are made in pixel art style and released as NFTs. Any person can get (and adopt) one or more Cats and be the sole owner of them.
They have a square 1:1 form factor, so You can also use them as profile picture on socials (such as Twitter, Facebook, Twitch…) or blogs, forums, chats, Discord, and so on.
There are not two Cats alike, and ownership is certified by the blockchain (Solana).

This is the main page of the project:
 ⭐️ Cat on Blockchain Diamond ⭐️
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And this is the main page of the authors, that are developing this and many other projects for the Solana blockchain:
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The Cats were generated starting from March 7, 2021 and written forever on the blockchain. They were created starting from several layers, merged and composed using a set of BASH and PHP self-developed scripts.
This is an interesting example of automatic generation of pixel arts, and writing of digital arts on the blockchain (in a way similar to that used to generate crypto currencies). Furthermore, NFT technology is a useful mechanism for identifying the creator and the owner of the work in a secure cryptographic environment. Projects such as this are also called crypto projects.
As said, everyone can get, adopt and become the sole proprietor of one or more Cats, at a special price for a limited time!

Cat on Blockchain Diamond is a NFT collection: but, what about a NFT?

Well, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. More precisely, a NFT is a unit of data stored on a blockchain (usually Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, but also other networks are rising…) that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.
NFTs can be potentially used for any kind of files, such as photos, videos, audio, and so on…
This is a useful method to track who is the owner of a digital work (for example, arts, collectibles, photos, songs, etc.) and who is the author. The technical instrument used for this is the blockchain. The world of NFTs has grown very fast. More precisely, it tripled in 2020 and 2021, and it is really exploding also during the first months of 2022. And it is destined to grow further.

What about the NFT project Cat on Blockchain Diamond?

As said, Cat on Blockchain Diamond is the exclusive NFT collection regarding the Diamond Army used by Cats in this imaginary “Blockchain War”. Each Cat is created as pixel art on a grid of 64×64 pixels, scaled to 512×512 px (to be used everywhere without loss of quality), automatically and randomly generated and released as collectibles on a great NFT marketplace as MagicEden.

What are the key features of Cat on Blockchain NFTs?

The first interesting fact is that any Cat is released as a Unique NFT. No two Cats are alike, and the owner is certified by the blockchain. Its 1:1 ratio allows a good opportunity for owners that want a real unique avatar and that want to be the unique proprietors of it.
This is also a good NFT project where you can invest in crypto, because many Cats have been released at a very low price for a limited time. Compared with the previous Cat on Blockchain Series 1, we can imagine that also Cat on Blockchain Diamond will increase his value.

How to participate?

To participate in the project “Cat on Blockchain Diamond”, any user can:
1. Choose and get one or more Cats for a special and very convenient price (for a limited time): ;
2. Check this and other NFT collection on the website: ;
3. Follow on Twitter: .

Here is the direct link to participate and get more details about the project, and to participate, entering the NFT world: .