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Are you looking for the best retriever training products? Discover the training bumpers preferred by amateurs and professionals alike!

Woodstock, Illinois-based supplier of hunting and dog training accessories HuntEmUp has launched an expanded range of dog training bumpers designed specifically for your retriever.

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Now in its 17th year of business, HuntEmUp has launched the new range of products to provide amateur and professional retriever trainers with purpose-made aids. Dogs have been used to assist us with hunting for thousands of years and modern game hunters still use a variety of breeds for their retrieval abilities. While some breeds have a natural aptitude for retrieving, turning your puppy into an effective hunting partner requires careful training.

The new 2-inch plastic dog training bumper from HuntEmUp offers a range of features that make them ideal for retriever training. Plastics used in the construction of the new line of dog training bumpers have a soft and rubbery texture, allowing your dog to gain purchase but firm enough to discourage a hard mouth. Knobs on the surface of the bumpers provide additional deterrence against overly rough handling. Braided rope throws attached to the new dummies allow you to throw further, enabling effective training for marks and retrieves.

An integrated valve allows you to adjust the weight and buoyancy of the training aid, providing a range of options for the realism of the simulated activity. The new line of bumpers is available in three colors, each with a specific purpose. White bumpers are most popular, as they are visible against the majority of backgrounds. As dogs are unable to distinguish the color orange, these bumpers are well-suited to running blind retrieves. Flasher bumpers (a combination of white and black) are extremely visible against a variety of horizons and backgrounds and are therefore very well-suited to mark training.

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A company representative stated: “The quality products carried have been developed and tested by professional hunters, trainers as well as our pro and field-staff. We are proud of our reputation and image that we have built and continually work to maintain, in the Hunting and Dog training industry.”

Give your retriever puppy the best training possible!
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