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Round Bar Manufacturer, Supplier, Stockiest & Exporter in India
Manan Steel & Metals is a certified ISO 9001:2015 firm. Mumbai is home to our primary corporate headquarters. To maintain a long-term business relationship, we focus on supplying superior quality products and materials with the highest level of service. Invar 36 Round Bars, Tungsten Carbide Round Bars, Hastelloy Round Bars, Titanium Round Bars, Monel Round Bars, and more goods are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. We make certain that only high-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of our products.

Types of Round Bar

Stainless Steel Round Bars

Our high-quality Stainless Steel Round Bars, thoughtful customer service, and in-house Stainless Steel Round Bar production skills have positioned us as one of India’s most promising and leading suppliers of Hot Rolled Steel Round Bar. Our Cold Rolled Round Bar area unit exports to over fifty-six nations on a regular basis. Over the previous eight years, we’ve shipped over 2400 tonnes of stainless steel round bars to India. We also accept customised Cold Drawn Bars orders that are ready as soon as the customer needs them.

Titanium Round Bar
Manan Steels & Metals is one of ‘s leading Titanium Round Bars Manufacturers in India. Titanium Round Bars are a very useful product in the engineering industry, and we supply them. We are also one of the leading suppliers of ASTM B348 Titanium Round Bar, which is sourced from high-grade raw materials and ensures that the highest quality industry-standard goods are delivered. We strive to provide the greatest service to our customers, so we only utilise the highest quality raw materials. Titanium Round Bars have excellent welding characteristics and may be welded using any standard method. The quality of a product’s durability is indicated by its grade. Titanium Round Bars maintain durability even at high temperatures.We are leading Round Bar Manufacturer in India.look at Invar 36 Round Bar.

Monel Round Bar
We are prime Monel Round Bar Manufacturers in India. We offer Monel Round Bars, which are an extremely useful product in the engineering industries. We are also one of the prime manufacturers of ASTM B164 Monel 400 Round Bar that is being sourced by using high-quality raw material and makes sure to provide the highest quality of industry-standard products. We deliver the best to our customers & hence we use the best quality of raw material. Monel Round Bars exhibit high welding properties and can be welded by all conventional methods

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