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The term “serviced apartments” is turning more prevalent because hundreds and thousands of travelers find these apartments to be an ideal cost-effective and credible alternative. They are hugely economical when you are planning longer stays or for family and group travel. Serviced apartments in Gurgaon are frequently searched by visitors for different reasons – some visit the city for business professional reasons, some visit for medical reasons, and some visit Gurgaon to get their children admitted to different institutions. For all types of visitors Park Residency are the best option in terms of expenses, lifestyle, and transport accessibility.

Park Residency operates serviced apartments through experienced maintenance and technical teams. Similar to hotels, a person can extend, cancel, or shorten their stay within a short notice period. Additionally, they propose flexible solutions for countless business travelers who don’t know the tenure for which they require staying. Every apartment in this domain is fully equipped and furnished. Serviced apartments of Park Residency are available with private cooking facilities, like a kitchenette, and at times, a full-size kitchen having washing machines, dishwashers, larger sleeping or living areas compared to the standard rooms.

If you opt for service apartments near Sector 45, you can get some additional facilities of WiFi, television subscriptions, bed linen, towels, regular housekeeping, and utility bills. One of the features of serviced apartments is the facility of a kitchen. Microwaves and ovens permit people to cook according to their desires when they want. It reduces the daily expenses as well as helps to maintain good health. This is a feature that people hardly find in a hotel.

No matter you are hunting for a place where you can stay alone when you are on a business trip or with your entire family, you can’t really ignore the effectiveness of Park Residency (https://www.parkservicedapartments.com/). Most of the time business people who travel all across cities do not want to stay in a lonely hotel room. In this situation, they look forward to the serviced apartments as they work the best for undertaking business meetings and conference calls on the phone or online.

Serviced apartments near sector 45offer the guests the comfort of staying at a home away from their homes. They also give some extra advantages of excellent housekeeping services. A serviced apartment offers many facilities similar to a customary hotel but certainly with included convenience, space, and privacy similar to homes.

About Park Residency: Park Residency offers serviced apartments in different parts of Gurgaon like near MedantaMedicity hospital, Fortis Hospital, Huda City Centre, Unitech Cyber Park, and Sector 5.