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Toronto, ON, 07 – Mar – 2022 – DFCS has recently released a document the outlines the solutions and expert guidance needed to file for a consumer proposal to overcome your unmanageable debt. The consumer proposal is recognized as the best debt relief option compared to bankruptcy filed through the Insolvency Trustee, since it provides a legal way to negotiate with your creditors to set up a feasible repayment plan.

While speaking to the spokesperson of the company, he stated that financial stress is not the situation anyone would like, yet it happens. During this financial crisis, many Canadians are struggling to get out of debt. To assist them, the company has developed guidelines to help free themselves from debt by offering expert advice and better repayment plans. As compared to bankruptcy, a consumer proposal has less impact on credit score.

One must be aware of the available options before choosing one. Consult with the debt relief experts at DFCS in order to clarify the concerns. You can consider filing a consumer proposal by consulting a DFCS to come up with the most viable option

Recently, the company published a blog that describes the benefits of filing a consumer proposal over bankruptcy, as well the eligibility to file a consumer proposal in terms of your debt limit, assets value, and ability to repay back before the extended timeline. If you are interested in finding out more about the debt relief plans, you should visit the company’s website and explore the options that fit your financial situation.

About the Company:
DFCS is a debt relief organization that provides the most comfortable solution, such as consumer proposals, credit counselling, debt consolidation and bankruptcy. With more than a decade of experience, the company is dedicated to helping their clients in their financial recovery.

Elankeeran Than
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10 Milner, Business court, Suite 334
Toronto, ON, M1B 3C6