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United States 07.03.2022. Betachon has garnered a huge reputation for the unparalleled service it provides across the U.S.A. It examines your UPS and FedEx invoices to find solutions for your company to quit squandering money on shipping and begin reclaiming refund credits! The company’s passion lies in finding and recovering lost money in clients’ shipping and transportation budgets. They also provide fedex invoice adjustment services.

FedEx and UPS invoice auditing platforms identify and recover UPS and FedEx refunds by ensuring every shipment is evaluated to make sure every package was delivered damage free, on time and with the appropriate characteristics and services applied.

With the Betachon Fright Auditing’s auditing experts you may expect that –

● All shipments are inspected for compliance with service agreements.
● Claim process is managed for damaged or lost shipments.
● Fedex and UPS refund credits are secured.
● Invoice adjustment and recreating previously incorrect invoice services are provided.

Your weekly invoices are automatically collected by their automated, custom-developed, web-based auditing software by UPS Billing Center and FedEx Billing Online. Any issues related to late deliveries, carrier billing errors, invalid surcharges, or lost shipments are determined by this process.

When they discover a mistake (big or minor), they notify UPS or FedEx. This is done on your behalf so that you can simply sit and relax while the company does your work.

They provide their clients with a comprehensive understanding of the contract language of small package carriers and help them understand how that language may affect their service audit and recovery.

By combining decades of experience gained from shipping audits and invoice adjustments with our benchmarking model, the company assures their clients the best possible discounts while ensuring they receive the same high level of service.

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