NACPT Pharma College will now include hands-on training to Cannabis Master Grower Certificate

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TORONTO, March 05, 2022 – Cannabis Master Grower program has been highly in demand at NACPT Pharma College and many students were interested in the hands-on training as well since it gave them a boost in their resume applications and NACPT has taken relevant steps to fix this issue.
“Students request have been overflowing and it was worth considering” explained, Rathi Param, Dean at NACPT Pharma College, “Our target is to make every student of us job-ready and our expert team has decided that an extra day of hands-on training will help them with visual learning and experience needed to land a job in the industry.”

NACPT Pharma College has a cannabis growing facility in the campus which is highly maintained hygienically. This allows students to have a safe learning environment without having to visit outside facilities and In this program, you will learn Micro-Scale and Large-scale cannabis cultivation as per Health Canada’s regulatory requirements along with Cannabis Act & Regulations, GPP, Cannabis Cultivation, Seeds & Seedlings, Vegetative/Harvest/Flowering periods, Drying & Trimming, Curing & Storage, Record Keeping, Lighting, Nutrients & Watering, Propagation, Pesticides, Plant & Canopy Maintenance, Quarantine & Recall, Outdoor Growing, Hydroponic/ Aeroponic Systems, Sanitation Programs, and Waste Management.

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NACPT Pharma College, o/a North American College of Pharmaceutical Technology (NACPT) is a career college that operates as a PCC under PCC Act, 2005. Currently, NACPT Pharma College has two campuses located in the heart of Toronto and Mississauga, Ontario. NACPT is a leading career college in Canada that provides in-depth skill training in healthcare, pharmaceutical, cannabis, business, technology and related fields in order to maximize the job and business opportunities within the target industries. For over ten years, NACPT has offered specialized in-depth skill training, graduate and post-graduate diploma programs in both the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries. In addition, NACPT has been offering various cannabis skills training and business incubation programs since 2017. NACPT Pharma College is affiliated and partnered with many leading pharmaceuticals, cannabis, technology, IT and related companies with the intention of providing job placement within the industry-related sectors.

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Sandra Dipic
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