ThrottleNet Reveals How to Avoid A Ransomware Attack

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ST. LOUIS, MO — March 3, 2022 — ThrottleNet, named the #1 IT firm in St. Louis by Small Business Monthly, said most ransomware attacks can be avoided with proper due diligence and preparation and urges companies to take five fundamental steps to prevent them.
As many companies and organizations have been forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to cyber pirates, Dustin Leefers, Cybersecurity Manager at ThrottleNet, said businesses can better protect their data through endpoint protection that goes well beyond traditional antivirus programs, consistent system patching and more.

“Today you need a layered approach with EDR (endpoint detection and response) and DNS (domain name system) and pair it with a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to handle response and remediation of any threats. We call it MDR or Managed Detection and Response.”
“Many ransomware attacks are also the result of unpatched systems. New vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Software companies typically release patches to remedy these security issues. Failure to apply these patches in a timely manner leaves your network at risk.”

Leefers adds optimizing proper password and email protection should also be emphasized “Strong passwords need to be used for every account. The longer the password, typically the more secure. MFA (Multifactor Authentication) should also be used wherever possible since a high percentage of ransomware attacks start with an email you need to guard against phishing, spam, and infected attachments.”

Backups are the last line of defense and probably the most important of the five steps Leefers stressed. “Without backups, it could be impossible to fully recover from an attack. Backups should be tested regularly and replicated offsite, preferably to a secure cloud location.”

Leefers said actually paying cybercriminals should only be a last resort. “Sometimes it’s the only option for recovery and saving a business. Yet there is no guarantee of recovery, even if you pay the ransom. Do not leave the survival of your business up to criminals to do the right thing and come through on their word. You are much better off putting in place proper security controls and bulletproof backups of your data than you are on relying on hackers to decrypt your data. Companies like ThrottleNet can help you manage the process.”

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