PJ Balzer of the King’s Kids Christian Outreach & Ministry

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Nassau-Suffolk, NY – Good things happen to good people. That’s the case when local community hero, PJ Balzer needed a reliable vehicle to continue his good work helping others.

PJ works at the King’s Kids Christian Outreach & Ministry of Mastic Beach, New York, helping youth, children, the addicted, hopeless, incarcerated and struggling in our community. Showing God’s love in the most practical way like helping our neighbors with food, diapers, wipes, formula, Thanksgiving food and Christmas gifts for children. PJ has played a major role for years, serving the community, and helping to lead people to Christ as they experience His love and unmerited goodness.

But PJ needed a reliable vehicle, and through the efforts of dozens of people in the community, gathered donations to make it happen, so he could get the essential tool he needed to help folks in need.

Organizations like the King’s Kids Christian Outreach are critical to the well-being of our community, and so when things like this happen, it’s cause for celebration!

Centereach Hyundai’s General Manager, Romaine Perkins, heard about the drive to raise finds and was proud get the dealership involved by matching all of the money donated to honor PJ and the organization.

Although, PJ had heard that his friends were trying to get him a reliable vehicle, he never thought it would happen. (See His Facebook Post quote below)

“Right after Thanksgiving this year our friend Diane Caudullo started telling me, “We’ve been raising some money to buy you a good car.” But I’m the kind of person though that doesn’t believe another person’s promise until I see it. After she told me that dozens of other people, some I know and other’s are kind strangers, began chipping in their own money. The kind strangers includes Romaine Perkins at Centereach Hyundai who doesn’t know me yet matched the amount they initially collected to make sure the car was reliable.”

To find out more about this touching story of people in our community, or how you can help and get involved, please visit their FB page