Buying a property or investing in a real estate fund: what to choose?

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Investment aims to make your money yield and work for you . In the real estate sector, there are several options, for different styles, which makes some people indecisive. One of the main doubts is whether it is more worth buying a property or investing in a real estate fund.

The purchase corresponds to the acquisition of a property, such as a house or apartment. The fund, on the other hand, consists of acquiring a shareholding for a certain amount. It is collective, in which the values are applied in several projects, such as shopping malls, corporate slabs and other buildings.

If you have not yet decided whether to buy a property or invest in a real estate fund, a great measure to clarify your ideas is to weigh the pros and cons of each option. Come on?

What are the benefits of real estate funds?

Mutual funds are so popular because they have special benefits. To get to know this alternative better, see what are the positive points it offers.

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Greater agility and liquidity

After acquiring a share in an investment fund, you earn in two ways: through real estate developments, or by selling the share for a higher price. In any case, it is possible to have agility in the gains and sell the participation at any time. It is, therefore, an option with greater liquidity.

Professional management

The fund is also a choice for those who do not understand much about the financial market. All resources are handled by a specialist manager, which guarantees total professionalization of decisions.

Opportunities even with little money

Normally, the values of the quotas are smaller than those of the purchase of a property. For those who have less money available, it is an interesting and very convenient alternative.

And what are the disadvantages?

At the same time, investing in these financial “condominiums” also has its disadvantages. To make a decision without regrets, check out the downside of this possibility.

Administration fee

Every investment fund has an administration fee, which is the remuneration for the professionals involved. In some situations, there is the performance fee, when the performance is above average.

Risk of devaluation of shares

Depending on market conditions, the share may depreciate. This is what happens if a fund venture has a problem or if asset allocation decreases. As a result, you have to choose between losing liquidity or losing money.

Lack of accessibility

Although the cost is lower, some differentiated options are limited for highly qualified investors. This means a higher initial expense and a lack of accessibility for those who start now.

Why buy a property?

The purchase of a property involves the acquisition of that durable good definitively. It is an alternative with many positive points, which you will discover below. Look!

Increase in wealth and security

When you acquire a property, you add a great value to your equity . The good can be used by the family in different situations, which helps to ensure more security and protection for everyone.

If you have to move or use a new address, the property will always be there, available for your requirements. In addition, it is something that can be part of the estate succession for children and spouse, for example.

Total management control

As soon as you sign the deed and formalize the process, the property will be your responsibility. It also means that you will be able to make all the decisions, such as selling, renovating, renting or any choice you want. It is different from the investment fund, in which wealth management is the exclusive task of the professional.

With so much freedom, you are not at the mercy of a professional’s definitions or risk having your money affected by a third person. For those seeking greater control over their own money, it is the ideal alternative.

Various opportunities in the city

In a city the size of Roatan , for example, you can find dozens and even hundreds of properties for sale. You can choose the one that exactly meets all your requirements. This way, it is easier to take advantage of the full potential of the investment.

In addition, there are several ways to apply it. You can renovate an old property and wait for its appreciation , buy one off the plant and sell it when it’s ready or rent if you prefer. You can still invest in vacation rentals and thus explore seasonal opportunities.

What are the downsides of this option?

To conclude whether it is more advantageous to buy a property or invest in a real estate fund, you also need to weigh the cons of the former. Find out what aspects should be considered.

It takes time to find the perfect property

Depending on your requirements and location, it can be difficult to find the ideal alternative for your needs. However, this is a manageable disadvantage. With the support of a real estate agency, it is possible to have access to the best options, which favors the choice. You also won’t have to pay for the service, as the realtor’s commission is the responsibility of the seller – not the buyer.

Risk of devaluation of the area

It can still happen that the area suffers a devaluation, which reduces the return on investment. However, the support of a real estate agency also makes a difference in terms of making it easier to find positive opportunities in the medium and long term. As a result, security increases.

After all, is it better to buy a property or invest in a real estate fund?
When faced with both alternatives, it is normal to have doubts about what makes sense. First, you need to consider your expectations, interests and knowledge of the financial market.

However, between buying a property or investing in a real estate fund, the first one is more interesting. You can take advantage of all the asset security and independence in decision-making.

It is also a business with great potential in the present and in the future, and it is possible to count on the help of a real estate company. Therefore, it is a more interesting way to invest your money and get good results.

So, do you choose to buy a property or invest in a real estate fund? We hope you’ve realized that the first alternative might be more worthwhile. If you opt for it, don’t forget to seek the advice of a trusted Roatan Real Estate.

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