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ACCEO Smart Vendor has partnered with 24SevenCommerce to allow its POS users to leverage the benefits of omnichannel retailing with a platform of their choice. They can now manage both physical and online stores without manually handling orders or updating stocks not only with Shopify but also with Woocommerce. It’s a big step to ensure customers choice with e-commerce platform is kept paramount, along with providing an integration that customers can trust. Same as the POS company they have trusted for over 40 years.

ACCEO SmartVendor POS and Retail Management System

SmartVendor is the ultimate Point-of-Sale and retail management solution for small and mid-sized retailers. Since 1981, it has offered easy-to-use, feature-rich, affordable point of sale software to Canadians.

The POS system is apt for practically any sector; be it health food stores, pet stores, garden centers, fashion boutiques, or kitchenware stores, etc. Their team takes enough time to create an implementation plan tailor-made for every retailer.

Smart Vendor has helped hundreds of retailers taste success with a range of features like multi-store management, inventory management, mobile inventory management, and many more.

Digitizing retailers with a POS e-commerce integration system

ACCEO Smart Vendor retailers were looking to scale their businesses to online channels. This required them to manage various e-commerce platforms, update inventory, maintain customer information, download web orders etc., Retailers mostly shy away from selling online because of this very reason. So, instead of spending countless hours juggling to maintain updated inventory records, they want a system that takes care of both physical and online stores without any extra help.

And this is where ACCEO SmartVendor launched direct integration with Shopify. However, this approach left their customers with only 1 option and did not address the needs of retailers that have made other platform choices.

Hence, they partnered with 24SevenCommerce to help provide retailers a seamless integration they can trust with a platform of their choice.

With the partnership of 24SevenCommerce and ACCEO Smart Vendor, retailers can now connect their POS with online platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce and more to come. The platform automates inventory and order management to create a single unified source of information. So, any changes made on SmartVendor are directly updated on the retailer’s online store.

With 24SevenCommerce, retailers can leverage multistore integration and connect physical stores with their online store. With the Smart Vendor Omnichannel solutions, retailers can also adopt various retail models, including-

BOPIS: Buy Online, Pickup In-store
BOPAC: Buy Online, Pickup at Curbside
BORIS: Buy Online, Return In-Store
ROPIS: Reserve Online, Pickup In-store

This way, they can drive foot traffic to their physical store and gain access to the local audience interested in their offerings.

And, all this is possible with just a few clicks.

24SevenCommerce has enabled many Smart Vendor retailers to digitize their presence and seamlessly sell across various e-commerce channels.

The Octopus Bridge

Octopus Bridge is a cloud-based connector that helps retailers connect POS with their online store. It simplifies product management by updating inventory on a real-time basis and automatically uploading newly added products to the online store.

The connector centralizes data management, making it easier for retailers to keep track of their sales and collect customers’ data. This way, sellers can retarget buyers and use advanced marketing tactics to encourage more sales.

Having such an efficient solution eliminates overselling, cancellations, and out-of-stock situations and improves the overall order processing capacity.

24SevenCommerce is a global leader in offering integration-as-a-service. The platform helps retailers scale their businesses from brick and mortar stores to online platforms with affordable, easy-to-use technology. This way, any retailer can kickstart his online journey and expand his business reach.

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