Every Aspect You Must Be Aware Of A Service apartments in Gurgaon

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A serviced apartment is known as a self-contained apartment that remains accessible to people for renting for over one year or as little as only one night. They are 100 percent professionally-operated and dedicated apartments.

Every serviced apartment tends to be a fully furnished apartment that is obtainable for both long-term and short-term stays. They provide lots of amenities for housekeeping, regular use, and various services, and they are all comprised in the rental cost. Though a service apartment sounds similar to a hotel, they aren’t. A serviced apartment and a hotel are two different things.

Service apartments in Gurgaon are in huge demand because they propose facilities similar to a customary hotel but certainly with some additional convenience, space, and privacy. So, people can enjoy living as to local people when they travel. A serviced apartment has got a private cooking facility, at times a kitchenette and sometimes, a full-size kitchen having a washing machine and dishwasher, larger sleeping or living area compared to the standard rooms. At times, people get access to restaurants, concierges, gyms, meeting space, and various other hotel-like services when they move to a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments as offered by Park Residency are something more than a home as the former provides several utilizes, and they give people more comfort and freedom.
At Park Residency serviced apartment has more sq. meters compared to a conventional hotel room. The former has rooms where you can keep your sports equipment.
Service apartments in Gurgaon are substantially inexpensive compared to hotel rooms when people wish to stay for a long time. It happens as a service apartment gives people the possibility to cook food for them. Hence, they are not needed to eat out.

Serviced apartments have huge similarities to the culture of a particular area. They give insight into what real local apartments do look like. So, these apartments give a highly comprehensive fascination of the values and culture in comparison to hotel rooms.

Most serviced apartments are called just apartments. However, this sector is leaving a huge effect on leisure travel because people get serviced apartments all across the globe as a cost-effective and credible alternative.

With Park Residency get all types of apartments starting from studio apartments to 2 BHK gorgeous apartments for a full family. They have services apartments in all parts of Gurgaon. Make your stay in Gurgaon comfortable with Park Residency.