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Victoria, Australia: Key tassels can be used to hang on cabinets, desks or a door handle. Rosettes are an ideal embellishment for pelmets, cushions, the end of a table cloth runner or added to a key tassel to make a bolster tassel. We have a selection of key tassels & rosettes in different styles, sizes and colours. A tassel is often used as a finishing feature in fabric and clothing decoration.

Tassels and rosettes can be used decoratively to adorn clothing and other furniture pieces. It can be cleverly and creatively added to cushions and other interior decoration items. Tassels are decorative elements that can be found attached usually along the bottom hem, to garments, curtains, or other hangings. The art of passementerie has evolved in recent years making it more contemporary and modern in style. The style changes have made it possible to include it in the latest designs and furnishings. Used mainly in interior design, tassels offer stylised versions that can add a splash of colour to any room. Starting from hand-made tassels to mass-produced versions, there is a tassel for every need and requirement.

Castle Trimmings’ range of key tassels and rosettes are exclusively designed to meet your decor and complement the contemporary style palette. Tassels have today also come to include fringes, ornamental cords, galloons, pompons, rosettes, and gimps as other forms. While tassels, pompons and rosettes are point ornaments; the others are primarily linear trimmings.

According to the Head of Sales, Castle Trimmings, “Tassels are rosettes are decorative elements that can be creatively used in various pieces to lend it a different style. Interior decorators actively look for pieces that can provide authenticity and a spark of colour to otherwise dull or plain pieces. Our online range of key tassels and trimmings are designed to suit both antique and contemporary design requirements. Here you are simply spoilt for choice and can pick the best pieces depending on your specific needs. You can browse through our collection and pick out the items that catch your fancy. No more hassle of visiting an offline store and bargaining for prices! Shopping for decorative items for your home has never been this easy.”

Buy decorative items like key rosettes and tassels from the exclusive collection available online at Castle Trimmings. Get access to unique designs, contemporary styles, beautiful and intricate pieces, all at affordable prices.

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Established in 1976, Castle Trimmings Australia is the Premier Importer and Distributor of Curtain & Sheer Tassel Tiebacks, Rope Tiebacks, Quality Upholstery Furnishing Trimmings and Rainfall and Waterfall String Curtains. The aim is to bring to the discerning Interior Designer, Retailer, Upholsterer and Home Decorator the finest collections of Quality Upholstery Trimmings available in the world today.

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