Who says it’s hard to connect with your employees in work-from-home set up, ISHIR has done it!

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“Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.” – Angela Ahrendts (Senior Vice President, Apple)

ISHIR got the testimony of this statement based on an anonymously done eNPS survey with remote native and global teams. As a part of the annual assessment, the team ISHIR participated in a survey on how likely they will recommend their friend to work at ISHIR? The survey was marked qualitatively on parameters like employee engagement, work-life balance, professional development, etc. As a result, the employee’s Net Promoter Score score was 8.96, a shade better than last time of 8.7. But the score is just a metric which, of course, is optimistic but what they said about what they loved about our culture was music to our ears.

“We are working Great as iSHIRITEs, Good team binding, easy to access Peers, Highly supportive HR team, Good work environment, No micromanagement
Continuous Learning Program is really a boon to iSHIRITEs, Thanks for all support and opportunity to grow.”

Being a better version of ourselves every day is our mission and theme and we see that in the feedback when people talk about learning as the biggest plus of working with ISHIR.

“Best place to apply and update your technical skills”, Awesome place to work where you get a lot of good opportunities to grow. I am thankful for the technical trainings and online learning subscriptions company as provided”, ”Great opportunity to learn new technologies “ , ”One of the best environment to work in. Everyone’s so helpful and Co-operative. Also the learning curves is mind blowing“ are few of the testimony of our value “Learning and growth”

“The relationship between the employer and employee has been in the spotlight for the past two years. Our ways of working have rapidly changed during these years, and fostering positive employee relations and wellbeing has been critical for organizations and ISHIR management has been tirelessly working to improve their standards” , said Rishi Khanna, CEO at ISHIR.

One employee mentioned “The amount of trust the organisation puts into each individual is great. Encouragement to take up more responsibility is appreciated.”, while the other mentioned “ISHIR is continuously making changes in its existing working standards and striving hard to achieve and succeed the expectations of clients as well as concerned stakeholders giving high competition to other companies in the market”

Whether onboarding new employees and providing them with inevitable opportunities to grow or nurturing the existing employee loyalty and engagement, ISHIR has keenly taken a human-centric view and not focused purely on the numbers during the hard times of covid. Staying true to ISHIR’s values, we have been celebrating small successes with our employees and taking due consideration in streamlining all the communication gaps that could hinder an employee’s performance and the business outcomes. Aside from keeping a regular check on our teams and listening about their day-to-day concerns, we have partnered with Practo’s corporate healthcare plans for employee wellbeing and health. Along with it, the team is undergoing a career transition program to help employees to grow and enhance their knowledge around their subjects

Majority of team members shared positive reactions on the overall work environment ,process improvements and HR’s team’s deep involvement with each team member. “Working with ISHIR has been the best thing ever. Cooperativeness, freedom to work and learn is something that I have seen in this organization. HR tries to bring all the employees together is something fascinating. So 100% I would recommend. 🙂 “

“Not many organizations are this agile to adapt, never afraid of evolving and reaching a better spot!”

Those are some of the purest and most authentic feelings employees have shared without patronizing their seniors for any personal benefits.
The team is exhilarated to share the growth with the world and mark the company’s commitment to the personal and professional development of the people and ensure the leadership’s focus on enriching the company culture.

About ISHIR:
ISHIR is a globally diversified leading offshore software development company with experience and expertise in a broad range of services and solutions. With 20+ years of experience in the IT industry and 1000+ happy clients, ISHIR has been helping companies in modernizing their software, adopting digital transformation and cloud by using excellent project management practices.
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, ISHIR has it’s ODC center in Noida, India, under an entity called Borderlessmind Technologies. This entity has truly grown borderless post-pandemic to source rich IT talent from continents like southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America. BorderlessMind’s core focus is on-demand IT Remote teams; you can hire individual talent or teams to become part of your critical projects. Specializing in providing the most culturally-fit talent that is versed in a variety of software development languages, frameworks, technologies, experiences, IT skills.