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Jersey City, N.J. – As office space needs continue to shift and change in the current business climate, some unexpected types of businesses are turning to coworking spaces to conduct operations, including casinos. WorkSocial, a Jersey City coworking space, has been approved as the only coworking space authorized for use by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement.

As more states legalize sports betting, whether online or retail, important regulations must be put into place. One of these regulations is that some states require casinos to open offices in their state in order for that casino to accept wagers. New Jersey is one of them.

What is the solution around the impracticality of securing real estate in every state where a casino wants to accept wagers? Coworking space.

Casino offices must be approved by the Division of Gaming Enforcement and in New Jersey, WorkSocial is the only coworking space vetted and approved for such use.

WorkSocial hosts one of the largest casinos’ management and help desk teams as well as other companies that support sports betting. The arrangement enables the organization to operate nimbly with little overhead, while fully complying with regulations.

The sports betting entities that utilize WorkSocial are in good company at the space, where a growing number of small businesses, consultants and teams from larger organizations rent meeting and office space.

Since 2017, WorkSocial has been providing coworking space that provides businesses and individuals the amenities they need to conduct their work. Members benefit from a dedicated on-site service team, upbeat culture, state of the art technology, access to private offices and group conference rooms and business services like reception, mailing services, WIFI and more.

The coworking trend was already growing rapidly before 2020 but COVID-19 changed how people worked, particularly in the business-dense Tri-State area. When it was clear many companies and government agencies were asking their employees to work from home, WorkSocial sprung into action, making sure their locations in both Jersey City and Manhattan were open and adhering to strict social distancing and sanitizing protocols.

“This is so true to the spirit of coworking,” explains Natasha Mohan, CEO of WorkSocial. “Many types of businesses and agencies need the type of space and services we provide. We are so glad that the sports betting teams have somewhere they can access everything they need but without worrying about safety.”

WorkSocial services are so in demand that the company is initiating a 6,000-foot expansion at its Jersey City location in February. Mohan says it is already 60% reserved. “We love having a variety of businesses, agencies, people and teams use our facility. That’s what makes it so special. There is so much important work happening right here under this roof.”

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