Ledger Nano S and X Cold Wallets Positively Rated based on Security and Features

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Earlier today, crypto website ImmutaBullx published a thorough and unbiased consumer review of Ledger crypto hardware wallets. The conclusion being that while it excels at storing and managing assets securely, the crypto hardware cold wallet unfortunately loses points from being somewhat complex to use at first.

Read report at https://immutabullx.comWhile other shady consumer review sites often focus solely on promoting just the good qualities of a product in order to make affiliate sales, ImmutaBullx strives to tell the complete story.

Vince Han, Lead Editor at ImmutaBullx said “Our reputation is extremely important to us. If we don’t tell the truth, we serve no purpose. If people can’t trust us, then we have not done our job in giving unbiased reviews and will subsequently lose our subscribers. That’s why we don’t recommend products or services that we wouldn’t use ourselves.”

The following extract makes a good summary of the review:
The Ledger Nano S and X are similar in that they enable users to store and manage crypto securely. The Ledger Nano S seems like the best option for new users, as it is cheaper but lacks storage space. The Ledger Nano X is the better option for those interested in trading many different cryptocurrencies, however it is much more expensive.

ImmutaBullx was created by Vince Han in December 2021. Vince Han got the idea for the site when it was observed that a need for unbiased reviews in the crypto industry was essential for people to make informed decisions. Vince Han also adds “For any consumer wanting to check the legitimacy of a review, or know if they can trust the source, I advise you to check for bias and trust your instincts.”

ImmutaBullx’s complete and unbiased write up of Ledger crypto hardware wallets can be found at https://immutabullx.com