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If you require funds urgently, you can easily get a loan against commercial property if you have sufficient assets to keep as collateral or mortgage with the lender. This is known a secured loan and to avail it, you need to have a commercial space under your ownership, that you can mortgage. It fulfils your fund requirement for different needs like a medical emergency, children’s education, other personal expenses, etc.

A commercial shop may include a grocery store, factory, restaurant, hospital, office premises, etc. You can borrow a sufficient amount of loan against these types of properties from HeroFinCorp to meet your financial requirements. It would help in a continuous supply of funds, so that you do not have to postpone a specific activity due to lack of financial support.
The advantages of this loan are:
·         You can get high value loans
You can get a significant amount of loan up to 75% of the value of the collateral under this category. Check your eligibility to get competitive interest rates while borrowing.
·         Simple documentation
You require a minimum number of documents for application like your ID, income proof, KYC documents, etc. HeroFinCorp’s aim is to disburse the loan to you within 7-10 days after you apply. They would not burden you with the submission of a range of documents that would be difficult for you to arrange within a short time. Also, they would arrange for doorstep collection of documents by customer relationship professionals.
·         Flexible payment terms
This type of loan is highly flexible in terms of repayment. You can get a repayment tenure up to 15 years. It will help you to pay the EMI (equated monthly instalments) without any stress.
·         Online transactions
Go for the online facilities and track your loan account as per your convenience. This is one of the best features.
·         Variety of repayment modes
You can repay through your preferred mode of payment like Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), National Automated Clearing House (NACH), or post-dated checks (PDC), etc.
·         Loan transfer
You can transfer your balance loan from a previous lender even after you have started paying EMIs, if you find better interest rates. You do not have to pay the EMIs again. You can pay the balance amount.
·         Choose between two interest rates
Under fixed interest rate, you pay the same interest rate throughout your repayment tenure with fixed EMI. With Floating Interest Rate, the rate fluctuates with market conditions and the EMI also changes.
·         Online calculators or EMI calculator for LAP
You will find online loan against commercial property calculators for EMIs and eligibility. You have to put in certain details and get information regarding the amount of loan you are eligible for, the monthly EMIs, etc. This would help to plan your finances in advance.

A loan against commercial property is a quick and easy way to meet your fund requirements from HeroFinCorp. The requirement is that you should own a commercial property that you can put up as collateral. This loan has various benefits like a short processing time, minimal documentation, etc. Calculate the EMI and go through the loan terms carefully before you finalise the loan amount.

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