Hospital BC and SEO Guru Atlanta Partnership Brings Incredible Results

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Tijuana, B.C., Mexico | February 10, 2022 — They say without a powerful online presence, your business might as well not exist. The problem? Most businesses are spread to thin to achieve stellar digital marketing results on their own. That’s why Hospital BC turned to SEO Guru Atlanta – the leading online marketing experts for bariatric and plastic surgery practices in Mexico and the United States.

Skyrocketing Performance in Just Three Months

The partnership between Hospital BC and SEO Guru Atlanta began just three months ago. While you might not expect to see big changes in such a short amount of time, Hospital BC has. Traffic to their website has more than doubled during this period, which is impressive all on its own. But even more incredible is their keyword performance, which has improved by over 1,000 positions. As a result, they are seeing not just improved web traffic, but they are booking more consultations and surgeries than ever before.

A Unique Business in Tijuana

Of course, digital marketing efforts can only do so much. A business needs to have a foundation of excellence for search engine optimization to deliver lasting results. Luckily, Hospital BC does. It is the only American-owned hospital in Tijuana and one of the few Centers of Excellence accredited by the SRC in Mexico. Hospital BC boasts five-star amenities, state-of-the-art technology, and strives to exceed international standards of healthcare. As a result, when the SEO leads people to Hospital BC, they find the level of care that pushes them to make their appointment.

About Hospital BC:

Hospital BC is an American-owned bariatric and plastic surgery center located in Tijuana. Hosting the best surgeons in the area, it offers a concierge experience at a fraction of the cost of American healthcare.

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