iFFalcon Launches Smart ACs That Are Feature-Filled, Yet Affordable

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HARYANA 122003 

The past few years have seen iFFalcon emerge as one of the most loved electronics brands in India. Particularly, the iFFalcon QLED TV sets have gained immense popularity among people belonging to all segments of society. This has been possible mainly because of the company’s prowess in making feature-filled, yet affordable products.

Individuals, who have a low budget but big desires as far as the television viewing experience is concerned, have got exactly what they want from this Shenzhen-based company. iFFalcon TV price is always reasonable and you’ll not need to compromise on quality because of that. Like the TV sets, the company has combined quality and affordability even for its air-conditioners. The starting price of the company’s ACs is as low as Rs 22,999.

Buy iFFalcon ACs Online for the Best Prices:

iFFalcon ACs, like any other products from the company, are sold only on eCommerce websites. So, you’ll not find iFFalcon air conditioners at any of your local electronic stores. If you consider this as a demerit of the brand, think again. Shopping online will not only let you enjoy great discounts from time to time but will also allow you to compare the product’s features with similar pieces from other brands just with a click of a mouse.

iFFalcon has launched multiple models of Eco-tropical Inverter air conditioners. These products are sold just on Flipkart as of now. You’ll get these ACs in a range of capacities. While the starting price is below Rs 23,000, it would vary depending on the model you choose, and the AC’s capacity.

Features of iFFalcon ACs:

The best thing about iFFalcon inverter ACs is the fact that they support Google Assistant. To put it more bluntly, irrespective of the model you choose, your iFFalcon inverter AC would be a smart device. These products come with the TCL Home Companion app, which enables smart connectivity and allows users to enjoy the voice control option.

One of the main reasons why people in India have fallen in love with these ACs is their ability to function efficiently even at higher temperatures. According to info collected from customer feedback, these machines are capable of working flawlessly even when the temperature is set at 60° Celsius. All iFFalcon ACs come equipped with titan gold condensers and evaporators. Additionally, these products have also been found to decrease power consumption, which is big news with the increasing cost of electricity in the country.

Another prominent feature of iFFalcon air conditioners is the silver ion filter. It works by removing bacteria and preventing bacterial growth within the AC’s duct. So, your chances of falling ill due to bad air quality will decrease significantly.

Other features of these machines that are worth a mention include eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, digital panel for temperature display, 4-way airflow, and copper tubing.

The Company’s Vision:

Other than offering smart TVs that are highly affordable, iFFalcon has decided to market washing machines and ACs. Every iFFalcon washing machine and AC has succeeded in impressing users with their features and price.

According to Mike Chen, GM of TCL Electronic, which is the mother company of iFFalcon, the company has always worked to provide its customers with goods equipped with advanced technology. Chen added that iFFalcon doesn’t want to make the life of its customers more comfortable. Instead, it works to make their home smarter.

If you look at the review of an iFFalcon front load washing machine, a top load washing machine, a split AC, or a QLED TV, you’ll find that the company has succeeded in giving its consumers a smarter home. The company keeps launching upgraded versions of its products at regular intervals to ensure that users get access to the most advanced tech.