Tips to Negotiate FedEx Contracts with your Shipping Company

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United States 16.02.2022. Before you get started with negotiation with your shipping partner, you will need data on their performance metrics. That said, the impact of their clientele, the services and much more. Furthermore, if the shipping prices increase beyond limits, you will have to overhaul your shipping strategy.

That said, the more ability to negotiate you have, the more chances of saving a good amount of money. Let us go over a few tips that will help you do FedEx contract negotiation like a pro.

● Set Smart Objectives Before Negotiation: In terms of contract negotiation you should set clear goals of the amount that you can spend on shipping products. Also, the goal should be realistic so that you can achieve it. Additionally, you should also set a timeline that is realistic for your business.

● Minimum Tiered Pricing: The shippers are often concerned about their pricing tier because if they opt for the next tier, their costs go down to a great extent. Though, it becomes difficult to anticipate the pricing approach because the tiered pricing is specific to businesses. Shippers already have their pricing tiers declared, and you need to negotiate at this point delicately to make the most of it.

● Keep Your Right to Refund Protected: You should make sure that you keep your right to refund protected through the money-back guarantee of the carrier. Regardless of the shipper is offering discounts, your business should keep in mind that they are accountable for package delivery and that for all delivery exceptions, you can claim refunds.

● Read The Clause Of The Contract Carefully: Before you get started with negotiation for international air freight, the shipping carrier will promise several things along with delivering the parcel on time. However, before you sign the contract you should read the clauses very carefully and the fine prints as well for all subtle languages. This will give you the advantage of discussing the terms and conditions when you are negotiating.


Maintain an amicable relationship with your shipping partner, since it will help get better deals and seamlessly run your business. Good rapport will help negotiate the contract better, instead of a critical or stern approach.

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