Decentralized Education Pioneer Acadex Network raises $1.35M in Private Round Ahead of Initial Dex O

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London, England, United Kingdom., February 11, 2022 – The Acadex Network is unarguably appraised the industry’s foremost decentralized education nexus, exploiting blockchain, metaverse, smart exchange, decentralized finance and NFT to revolutionize global learning and reward excellence. The network poses a decentralized servicing ecosystem, providing a sturdy and secure native chain structure for education and extra curricular learning.

This architecture also fulfills tutor-learner relationships, course fee payments, interns’ block development hub, student loans, NFT study certifications, NFT library and study rewards. And additionally, pioneering integration with the metaverse. Applicably introducing VR domain tutoring (VDT) and VR domain reading (VDR). Wherein users engage in live, recorded and custom tutorial pieces facilitated by augmented reality.

The Acadex Network Ecosystem in its prolific essence, slates to unveil Proof of Knowledge (PoK), initially utilized in a native decentralized study-media platform, Academa. This robust portal links professors, researchers, lecturers, scholars, extra curricular creatives and learners in a meta hub. The AcadFunjies, being the network’s multi-chain NFT creation environment, also introduces NFT freeze, swap, will, copywriting and authentication. Eminently, Acadex looks to foster an environment with on-chain privileges for prospective authors and creatives to rollout more effective educational blockchain technologies.

It’s a no-brainer that this Binance chain based network is a charmer to investors. This is why The Acadex Network is pleased to announce the conclusion of its Private Sale round with $1.35m raised. After an exhaustive roller coaster of bidding and lobbying. This buy-in came from a mixed candidacy of some of the network’s esteemed partners, other relevant corporates and a selected pick of individual investors. With 90,000,000 ACDX tokens sold, each investor size allocation was so strategically allotted that worryingly influential holdings or centralized control of the supply per person or corporate is avoided. Therefore preventing any substantial or effective prospective dump. It is for this reason participatory limits were somewhat instituted during the sale, especially with the teeming interests. Nevertheless, all of Acadex Network’s investors are highly appreciated and esteemed equal.

As seed rounds have formally concluded, the funds raised in this private sale will be injected to accessorize administrative and marketing campaigns leading to the IDO in late Q1 2022. And also mobilize affairs for smart contract audits.

The future is Decentralized Education (DeEd), and it is with excitement Acadex Network journeys to the phase.

About Acadex Network

Acadex Network is the World’s Pioneering Decentralized Education Network, introducing blockchain’s first Proof of Knowledge (PoK) consensus.

Bound to upscale the global education quality and learning systems, by instituting study inclusiveness, subsidized student loans, reward learners, authors, creatives and curb study certificate forgery, blockchain intellectual property copyrighting and authentication using NFT, AR & VR technology.

Stay tuned for more information.

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