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Singapore | February 08, 2022 — It was possible to communicate with one another through BlackBerry Messenger while maintaining a high level of security not available in today’s messaging services thanks to the use of PIN codes. In 2011, BlackBerry Messenger was shut off. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp treat the user’s personal data as though it were their own. The information may be sold to corporations so they can better target their customers.

It would have been shocked to see an advertising message arrive while the user was watching a video on Facebook; it was precisely what he had been looking for days and he quickly clicked on it and purchased the Qen token.

This does not seem to be an everyday occurrence. It’s possible that the user had a chat about purchasing the goods over Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, a subsidiary of the corporation in question. Adverts were provided to you based on the content of the debate you were participating in. That’s only one illustration of what may be done. By selling personal information, firms are raking in billions in profits. A multibillion-dollar industry has emerged, and huge corporations are vying for a piece of it.

If one is an American, you should know this little-known fact about large corporations, they owe $300 every year. Why? It’s because they earn a lot of money by selling information to other companies. Furthermore, this is an issue that affects individuals across the world, not just Americans. This is where the Qen Digital asset comes useful.

While the merchant may not feel this is against the law, others may. Unfortunately, they have no say in the matter. Why do they do it this way?

But don’t worry, for the Quentin and Qen messenger has sprung up in its place. Compared to the original BlackBerry Messenger, Qen Tokens Chat is a more secure version of it. Encrypted secret communications are used by the makers to allow the trader to safely explore the Metaverse. Users will be able to earn money by using the maker’s services to do business with large corporations, rather than just providing a safe chat platform.

About the Company:

QEN is a deflationary and reflective currency that was released on the Binance Smart Chain and is inflationary in nature (BSC). It is possible to earn passive income by holding the QEN token.

For more information, please visit https://qentoken.io/

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