Mopinion Debuts Conversational Feedback: User Feedback Made Personal

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Rotterdam, the Netherlands – Mopinion, a leading user feedback software for digital channels, is proud to announce Conversational Feedback. This new and exciting addition will change the way companies collect valuable feedback from their online customers. Conversational Feedback combines traditional online surveys with a personal, chat-like appearance. Helping companies like KLM, Ahold, and Decathlon optimise their digital customer experience (CX), this new solution was designed to meet the demand for engaging with customers online in an effortless and non-intrusive way. Digital-first companies can leverage these no-code feedback forms to create a fun and friendly online atmosphere, making it easy for customers to give their honest feedback about their online experience, whether they’re ordering a product or browsing your website or mobile app. Engaging with audiences in this way increases feedback response rates, as well as the quality of the feedback received, helping to boost key metrics like customer lifetime value and customer satisfaction.

With Conversational Feedback, all Mopinion customers can now ask their users about their experience in a swift, non-intrusive, conversational manner. Giving the best of both worlds, this solution combines an easy-to-use chat interface with Mopinion’s powerful user feedback collection and analysis platform. With Mopinion’s Conversational Feedback, clients can create engaging, intuitive feedback forms that – to respondents – feel like chat conversations instead of filling out a long questionnaire. The no-code, programmable script means it’s easier than ever to create the feeling of a real two-way conversation while collecting customer feedback. Mopinion clients can add specific replies based on the given answers, and they can even include images, GIFs and emojis to spice up the conversation.

Today, personalised communications is a key factor in prompting people’s consideration of a brand. With Conversational Feedback, companies can personalise their online experience, while also ensuring that their feedback strategy doesn’t distract them from reaching their online goals. This addition aims to improve companies’ customer experience, allowing them to get more leads for website conversions, as well as driving repeat engagement and loyalty over time. Mopinion’s Head of Product, Jos van der Kooij, explains;

“Although the concept of chat is, of course, not entirely new, the way we’ve combined the ease of chat dialogues with collecting customer feedback is new amongst Customer Experience software providers. The fact that it is integrated with all ‘regular’ capabilities of our solutions, such as data visualisation, text analysis, and integrations with CRM and project management tools, make it a powerful solution to optimise the digital experience.”

About Mopinion

Mopinion is a rapidly growing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider and market leader in the field of user feedback collection and analysis for digital channels such as websites and mobile apps. This all-in-one solution turns feedback into actionable data that gives digital marketing teams more insight into the voice of the customer. Mopinion works with many forward-thinking digital teams such as KPN, Ahold, T-Mobile, TSB Bank, TUI, Allianz, Scania and Decathlon.

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