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Thursday, February 10, 2022: Medical unevenness creates a sheer imbalance in the lives of the family members associated with the ailing individual. All we can do in such circumstances is to extend our prayers to the almighty and search for an appropriate medium of commutation to shift the ill or injured person to the medical facility. The Emergency Air Ambulance Service in Patna hovering under Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance helps logistically shift the patient to the most adept healthcare center opted by the family of the patient. We are legally obligated to transfer the patients in the presence of skilled and aero-medically certified medical professionals.

During the initial request, the skilled case managers operating for Reliable Air Ambulance in Patna discusses all viable alternatives of the air evacuation and come up with the most suited substitute for the patient. Once you opt for our service the case managers will be available throughout the process round the clock for the care and compassion of the patient. We collect all necessary information and provide the ones availing for our service with a synopsis that describes the details of the restorative relocation process.

Medivic Air Ambulance from Mumbai- A Journey Equipped with Modern-Day Medicaments

The operational managers functional under Advanced Air Ambulance Service in Mumbai look after all the necessities of the patients and also arrange for ground transportation on both sides. Once completed, the patient gets provided with a detailed itinerary of the air ambulance trip. The expedition will be conducted according to the itinerary and the chosen destination. We then coordinate with both the sending and receiving facilities to set up the journey of the patient according to the criticality of the situation. We remain by your side throughout the process of wayfaring and handle all aspects of medical air transport from start to finish.

At an event, the patient ferrying with us started experiencing chest complications and started breathing heavily. The companion following the patient started panicking and called out for help. Without wasting any time in discussion the paramedic crew operational under Charter Air Ambulance in Mumbai took note of the situation and on understanding the matter he gave CPR to the patient at first. The aero-medical nurse monitored the cardiac condition of the in the meanwhile with help of a cardiac monitor present inside the aircraft. After the CPR process, the patient started regaining the consciousness and got back to normal after a while. This provided a sigh of relief to the family of the patient as well as the medical crew. Such bravery and aptness of our crew help us in delivering virtuous relocation missions every time.

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