Iffalcon India Expands Its Footprint in Retail Industry by Launching New Range of Home Appliances

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HARYANA 122003 

iFFALCON, a globally-recognized consumer electronics company, has already established a strong foothold in India’s retail industry with its range of smart iFFALCON QLED TV and 4K Android TV. However, recently, they have launched an entire range of home appliances that bring “Simple joy, Simple love.” Making life easier and smarter, the company aims at reaching every home with consumer electronics products.

The consumer electronics industry in India is getting highly competitive today; thanks to fast-paced technological advancements. Consumer demands are also evolving at a rapid pace. They have become more informed and want products that add value to their lives. Keeping the market behaviour in mind, consumer electronics companies are striving hard to cater to the discerning customer with innovative products.

iFFALCON is a diversified technology company that has gained a strong market reputation with its innovative and best-in-class products. Technology-rich and one-of-a-kind, these consumer electronic products have carved a niche in the industry today. They have already been delivering the top entertainment experiences with their superlative range of LED TVs, smart TV, and 4K UHD TVs. And now they bring an exciting range of home appliances that will seamlessly blend into the lives of the customers.

Smart technology is the forte of iFFALCON and they once again established this by the launch of their eco-tropical iFFALCON air conditioners. The air conditioners are powered by AI Ultra-Inverter technology that allows operating at an ultra-low frequency. This enables customers to save up to 50% energy. So, here’s one air conditioner that cools and saves at the same time. These are smart ACs that provide the comfort of operating the device from anywhere in the room, remoteless and using just voice control.

The iFFALCON inverter AC ensures fast cooling, bringing down the air temperature from 27°C to 18°C in just 30 seconds. Patented Titan Gold painting technology does not retain the condensate water, preventing corrosion and increasing durability. Additionally, the air conditioner is sterilizing and self-cleaning. Eco-tropical ACs pave the way for a more sustainable and environment-friendly planet. The prices of these cutting-edge devices are as competitive as iFFALCON TV price in India.

Making a new entry in the home appliances’ sector is the iFFALCON washing machine that is fully automatic and one of the most energy-efficient in the market today. The front loading washing machine makes it easier to load and unload clothing, accommodating up to 8 Kg. Again iFFALCON’s innovation strikes here – the washing machine has an inbuilt heater that allows up to 95° hot water wash.

The one-of-a-kind hot water wash technology helps to kill germs and bacteria from the clothes while providing healthy and sterilized wash. It also renders a fresh look to the clothes and eliminates bad odour. The honeycomb crystal drum comes with Auto Drum Clean technology that automatically cleans the front load washer without using harsh chemicals. For any error, it will automatically display it and allow the user to rectify it immediately.

Bringing more energy-efficient and smart home appliances, iFFALCON aims at adding more value to customers’ lives – bringing comfort, convenience, and affordability all in one place. They focus on exhibiting the versatility of their products that empower Indian consumers with imagination, creativity, and independence. This exciting range of home appliances is perfect for the festive season when consumers are looking for the best purchase options.

Speaking about the home appliances segment, the chief spokesperson of iFFALCON said, “We are very delighted to bring our consumers an exciting range of home appliances that are smart, efficient, and eco-friendly. We are looking forward to witnessing a large number of consumers celebrating the festive season by bringing home our innovative electronic products.”

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