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Melbourne, Australia: Are your windows missing that “wow” factor? Adding curtain tiebacks and tassels can turn even the simplest curtains into jaw-dropping beautiful pieces and render a beautiful look. Curtain tiebacks aren’t just for style but also have many functional uses. Using tiebacks for curtains or drapes helps control light and privacy, keeps curtains in place, adds style, helps to keep the curtains clean, and reduces wear and tear.

Without tiebacks, curtains end up looking unfinished and plain. Tiebacks can dress a curtain up or down and can match or contrast with the curtain’s colour. At Castle Trimmings, you get an exclusive range of curtain tiebacks to adorn your home. Embellish your window treatments with a beautiful curtain tassel tieback, rope or tie band. From the opulence of the Exquisite range to the sophistication of the Kimberley collection. Choose from a single tassel tieback, double tassel tieback, rope style or an innovative magnetic option. Shop our selection and you will find a curtain tieback to dress your curtains or sheers.

Using curtain tiebacks help keep the curtain in place, reduce movements and excessive drafts. Once you seek privacy, you can simply remove the curtain tiebacks allowing them to close easily. There are many available curtain tieback styles available at Castle Trimmings that you can choose from like Cord Tiebacks, Magnetic Tiebacks, Single Tassel Tiebacks, Double Tassel Tiebacks, Tiebacks with a Wooden Barrel, Rope Style Tiebacks, Cotton Tiebacks and Beaded Tassel Tiebacks. These varieties of tiebacks come in myriad styles to match your home’s decor.

According to the Head of Sales, Castle Trimmings, “Curtain Tiebacks have always remained one of our highest selling categories and our range of tiebacks has managed to capture the attention of many designers. These are exclusively designed as an amalgamation of modern and vintage aesthetic senses to suit and meet every need. Tiebacks are no longer used in just formal settings, but also lend a separate and classy look to modern spaces. With our range of curtain tiebacks, hang your curtains hassle-free – without compromising time, effort or style. Accessorizing and adorning your curtains had never been this easier. Browse through our extensive collection and pick your favourites. Get products home-delivered and give a new distinct look to your curtains and sheers without spending heavily on home decorators or designers. Mix and match with different colours, styles, and designs to create your distinct personality.”

Browse our online collection of Curtain Tiebacks and pick up your favourites!

About Castle Trimmings:

Established in 1976, Castle Trimmings Australia is the Premier Importer and Distributor of Curtain & Sheer Tassel Tiebacks, Rope Tiebacks, Quality Upholstery Furnishing Trimmings and Rainfall and Waterfall String Curtains. The aim is to bring to the discerning Interior Designer, Retailer, Upholsterer and Home Decorator the finest collections of Quality Upholstery Trimmings available in the world today.

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