What Is Interactive Video And How Can It Help Business and Education ?

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Interactive videos allow users to interact via clickable areas called “hotspots.” These hotspots allow viewers to journey into more content, answer questions, make a purchase, or complete any number of actions directly within the video itself. Sales: its a new way to boost sales through lead generation and sales enhancements. Education: educates customers and engages viewers with unique, engaging branded entertainment (typically in customer education and employee training) .Entertainment: interact with consumers in your videos through entertaining content that ramps up brand awareness that in turn gets people talking. Ecommerce: interactive videos are a great tool to increase sales by 9x than ordinary videos and make online shopping fun for consumers.

The Explainer Video Company creates customized multi layered clickable video content that offers impressive in-depth information on key topics within all the above areas of use and more.

More information can be found at:https://thevideoanimationcompany.com/interactive-videos-the-future-of-online-marketing-and-sales/

A recent development in video design, interactive videos allow viewers to explore additional content, ask or answer questions, shop, or undertake any other click-based action directly in the video. This makes them ideal for a variety of applications, from engaging ads to adventure-based educational videos. The versatile nature of interactive video empowers you with both customer education and employee training options. Recruitment projects can be enhanced and knowledge bases improved with insightful and entertaining videos.

The Explainer Video Company has established a reputation for cutting-edge interactive design and immersive videos. These can be gamified or story-based, and offer innovative new ways for you to deliver important learning experiences.

Companies in any space wanting to improve their visual sales/educational approach can get in touch to discover more about the impact interactive videos can have. The team will take the time to get to know each client and their objectives before creating a custom interactive animation for the needs of their clients more useful information can be found here https://thevideoanimationcompany.com/interactive-animated-video-production/The Texas-based video agency understands that you need content quickly. It’s for this reason that they offer a comprehensive rush option, which sees videos completed within four days. Whether you want to educate your audience with eye-catching and informative video presentations or showcase key product features quickly, interactive videos provide a powerful solution – and the agency will create unique videos that map out an engaging journey just the way you want it!

The Explainer Video Company has established itself as a highly successful video marketing agency for business and education. The team can create TV commercials, animated marketing videos, training and sales videos and more. Creative options include interactive video production, whiteboard animations, character animations, and motion graphics. Businesses can get in touch with the production agency to discuss their vision, and a fully experienced animation team will bring your desired project to life.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “Interactive videos earn over 66 percent more engagement and 44 percent longer viewing time, making them 32 percent more memorable than non-interactive ads.

Let your users choose their own video experience.

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