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We all may come across a buzz word Metaverse in recent days. This information about Metaverse may shock everyone. The global metaverse market will reach $47.69B in 2020. It is expected to record 43.3% CAGR within 2025 years. The COVID’19 Pandemic drove interest towards the concept of Metaverse. The Metaverse is based on the basis of blockchain, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and all other innovative technologies.

By knowing the huge potential of Metaverse, many countries,companies, business people and investors started to drift their business into the metaverse globe. In that list Bitdeal is a pioneer Metaverse Development Company that offers A to Z solutions and services related to NFTs and Metaverse.

Bitdeal always moves forward to adopt new trends and technologies to fulfil the needs and demands of people of this digital globe. At first Bitdeal started its journey as Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company which offers feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange script. After the arrival of DeFi, the Decentralized Finance, Bitdeal also provides DeFi related solutions & services.

Now this digital globe is moving towards NFTs & Metaverse. Bitdeal extended their services and solutions in the field of NFTs and Metaverse. Here are some of the solutions from the list of services provided by Bitdeal related to Metaverse.

Decentralized Platform Development
Metaverse Application Development
Metaverse NFT Development
Social Media Metaverse Development
Metaverse Education Platform Development
Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development
Metaverse 2D & 3D Gaming Platform Development and so on.

Technologies We Adopt For Metaverse Development
Mixed/Extended Reality (MX/XR)
5G Mobile Communication
Distributed Computing
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
3D Technologies and so on

By completely understanding and analyzing the power and potentiality of Metaverse, Our developers have started providing Metaverse-related solutions for all kinds of industry and business verticals.

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