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Want to be more effective at giving presentations? This innovative training course is for you!

With ADVO Group’s training program called Present Like A Rockstar, you can get access to actionable tools that help you become a better communicator. More specifically, you will learn how to deliver your message as a powerful narrative, making it more memorable and impactful.

Learn more by visiting program introduces you to the Impact Template, which can help you organize information into a compelling story. You can use it for any instance of public speaking, be it a small meeting, boardroom presentation, or conference keynote. Presentations are a staple of business operations, but the vast majority of employees receive no training for it. As a result, you might fail to state your case convincingly, which can have a significant impact on your projects and career. ADVO Group’s training course enables you to make a good first impression, hold your audience’s attention, and compel people to take action. It uses principles from theater and acting so you can communicate with awareness, specificity, and connection.

Present Like A Rockstar is a purely virtual class that’s delivered via online video. Its short 15-minute runtime makes it ideal if you are a busy professional who needs to see results immediately. You will also get a printable PDF of the Impact Template, as well as private email access to the training facilitators. If you’re interested, you can schedule a no-obligation virtual consultation with the consultancy. To do so, just fill out a short form or use the chat option on the website.

ADVO Group was founded by Greg Derelian and Peter Katona, professional actors who use their expertise to elevate organizational communication. The company’s goal is to help clients achieve the three Ps: purpose, presentation, and presence. Among its esteemed clients are Chapman University, The California Wellness Foundation, Endeavour, and Hyatt Hotels.

A spokesperson says: “We are here to serve, strengthen, and support the messaging you and your company care most deeply about. With our assistance, you can change perspectives and transform experiences leading to genuine human connections.”

Ace every presentation you give. Sign up for Present Like A Rockstar today!

Simply visit if you need further details about the program and its content.

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